Beneful Dream Dog Park Project

“Beneful Dream Dog Park Project”

Beneful believes that dog parks are a special place for dogs and owners to bond and socialize with each other and the community. Over the past five years, they have been helping to build and/or improve dog parks across the country.

The program started out as a contest, and the Beneful team visited one winning community each year and provided a Dream Dog Park renovation. Since then, the program has evolved to bring more joy to more communities across the country. This year’s goal is to support a total of 12 parks through donation, service days, etc. They have also partnered with GoFundMe this year to help further their mission.

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The new partnership with GoFundMe gives dog park organizers a platform to create campaigns for their local dog parks, raise awareness and funds for improvements, or to help increase funding to get a new park off the ground. You can find a lot of great info on their website that will help guide dog lovers who want to build a dog park, but aren’t sure where to start.

On their website, you can find some expert tips on dog park renovation materials and play equipment, dog park etiquette, and pet safety, to name a few.

You have a chance to meet the parks, as well! Is there one in your area?

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Find out more about Dream Dog Parks here.


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