Bitsy Bag- A Comfortable Sleep Sack

“Bitsy Bag- A Comfortable Sleep Sack”

Where have you been for the past 10 months of my life Bitsy? I wish I would have known about the clever Bitsy Bag when my son was a newborn. He was never really big on swaddling but he loved having a blanket on him. Even now during the Summer he will not sleep unless there is a blanket on him. There are a few things bad about this:

One- it’s not really safe for him to be sleeping with a blanket. Especially when he was younger which made nap time and bed time quite a pain.

Two- he moves around so much! Seriously. He will start off at where he is supposed to be and then then I will wake up a couple hours later to check on him and he is at the complete opposite side of the bed. Therefore blankets are usually frustrating since they don’t stay on him and then he is back to being unsettled.

Well that’s where our sponsor Bitsy came and swooped us off our feet.

” The Bitsy™ Bag is the original innovation of a mom wanting to create a cozy, secure blanket for her new baby; something that was convenient for diaper changing, cute and comfortable to wear, and secure enough to sleep in. A crossbreed between a traditional blanket and a wearable sleeper, the Bitsy™ Bag gently secures itself around the baby’s torso so they can kick, roll, or even sit up without the blanket coming off as they sleep.”

We have been trying out our new Bitsy Bag for over a week now and it has done wonders to my son’s restless sleeping. He gets the secure feeling of being swaddled without feeling trapped and unable to sit up when he awakens the next morning.

Bitsy Bags come in a variety of beautiful silky fabric patterns. The best part? Each have a soft “minky” dot inner lining that is REVERSIBLE!

What are the features & benefits of using a Bitsy™ Bag?

• Baby is able to roll, kick, sit without the blanket falling off
• Security and warmth
• Doubles as both a soothing blankie and functional sleeper
• Comfortable non-roll elastic waistband keep Bitsy™ bag in place
• Peace of mind for Parents
• Soft fabrics are soothing to baby
• Stylish designs for every taste
• Affordable
• Perfect Gift for new moms
• Can be used for sleep, or even lying around during waking hours
• Easy access for diaper changing
• No bulk around the neck or check, allows baby to freely move their arms
• Lightweight fabrics used eliminating the worry of overheating

  You can visit the Bitsy Brand’s website to read all about this wonderful company and the clever mom behind it by visiting: www.bitsybrand.com

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 ***Discalimer- I received a Bitsy Bag to review from our sponsor but all opinions written above are my own.***



  • Jessica on July 25, 2011

    Great review! Austin looks so comfortable in his Bitsy Bag.

  • Kaydee on July 26, 2011

    This is awesome! I had something similar when my 6 year old was born, but this is much better, wish I had a tiny one to use this on.


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