Take Control of the Messes with The Trusty Black Bag

“Take Control of the Messes with The Trusty Black Bag”

I remember asking someone once how they control the messes in their house? I don’t know.. I just always felt like I was constantly picking up trash, picking up pieces of toys, moving things around, putting things away, taking things to the Goodwill and no matter how hard I try, I couldn’t take control of the messes! It was driving me crazy. I then remember what that person told me. She said I will always find hope in the black bag! It’s the truth. Do you realize how much trash and junk you could fit into a black bag? Grab one and walk around the house, picking up trash and things you are planning on throwing away. Grab another one for things you want to donate, and before you know it… your house is back to normal and you can sit on the couch with a glass of wine… patting yourself on the back for the AWESOME job you did.

It’s not just messes from the kids though… adults can make messes too, especially when throwing a party! YIKES.

The worst part about throwing a party is the clean-up; but Glad has a solution for the messiest ‘day after’ disasters, the Glad Black Bag! For your biggest bashes, Glad Black Bags will come to the rescue and make clean up a little more manageable. To show how well their bags do the job, Glad has created some hilarious video’s all about America’s wildest parties. In each video things get out of hand, but in the end, Glad’s Black Bag Trash Crasher team saves the day.

Here is another idea for that black trash bag! One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Try doing a clothing swap with friends to see what treasures you’ll unearth! Glad Black Bags make it easy to transport all those goodies! See what happens when TrashCrashers hit the party!

Cleaning up trash has never been so fun. Find out more here: http://www.glad.com/trashcrashers


Brought to you by Glad® Black bag. Tough messes are a cinch with Glad® Black Bag.

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