Build A Dream Playhouses

“Build A Dream Playhouses”

You know that saying? “Why buy the toys?! They’d rather play with the box!” It’s so true. Those little stinkers always want to play with the packaging! Miles is always asking for a “FUT” (fort) with the boxes. Sigh. So it’s no surprise that a Dad in Cleveland came up with the genius idea to make the packaging the toy!!! They take regular, everyday cardboard and make it fantastic and ready to open your child’s imagination.

Build a Dream Playhouses is a company specializing in imagination. They give your child the boost they need to imagine they are anything, anywhere.

Like a Space Soldier!

A Top Chef

A Princess or Prince

A Budding Entrepreneur

Or, Miles’s choice, a Race Car Driver.

We recieved our package from Build A Dream and we just couldn’t wait to open it and get to playing!! Each Build A Dream Playhouse comes flat and completely blank. No color at all (all the pictures shown above have been colored), which allows your child to make it all their own (OR allows you to paint it for them…) Miles didn’t last so long with the painiting, so I finished it for him. Definitely so fun for the older kiddos, though!

When choosing the colors we would use, I took inspiration from Miles current favorite movie character, Lightning McQueen. So we went with Red. You could get really creative, though!

Make it into a Firetruck, a Racecar with all the numbers and sponsors on it, make it into a Garbage Truck, even (I was totally sure I was going to be the Garbage Man when I grew up, BTW).

So we got to it.
Like that Apron?! Make one without any sewing!!!

We painted piece by piece (Which took a while, but trust me. It’s well worth the effort!)

And then I pieced it together one day while Miles was napping. I didn’t take pictures or video because, to be completely honest, it was 102* outside and I was sweating and it wasn’t pretty. UGH. Just relived that feeling…

Thankfully, Build A Dream has a video for each playhouse they make on how to put it together!

Here’s the Car being put together

Untitled from Build a Dream Playhouses on Vimeo.

Now, putting it together did not go as smoothly for me, but for a first timer I think I did ok! It was easy and straight forward and put together within 10 minutes. Miles was BESIDE himself when he got up from nap and there was a giant car in his living room! And I do mean giant…It takes up most of the empty space in our living room. Not a problem in a house, but we’re in an apartment so know ahead of time that it is pretty big!

Miles and Mommy went right to playing pretend.

We went to the store, to work, then drove all the way to Grandma & Grandpa’s house! Then Miles kissed Mom goodbye as I dropped him off.

Then, one of my friends came over and the fun REALLY started. Auntie and Miles played like crazy.

Looking out the moonroof

Miles climbing out the trunk
Oops. The trunk is not “One Size Fits All”
Overall, we have been having so so much fun with our “Dream Machine”. This last weekend, Miles’s 3 year old cousin came into town and the two of them played so hard in that car! The imaginations were running wild, and the two of them traveled around the world in that car.
The car was just as easy to dissasemble as it was to assemble, so it is easy to put it away when you have your boss over for dinner….
Wanna know what makes Build a Dream just a little bit better?! All of their products are made from 80% recycled materials, and the dreamhouses are all 100% recycleable! More?! They donate playhouses to hospitals and schools for children to play with too! One better for you?! Shipping is FREE!
What a great company with a really great product to encourage imaginative play and give kids the ultimate easy to build “Futs” (Forts).

*I did recieve a Build a Dream “Dream Machine” to review, but all opinions are my own.



  • Mindy Johnston on August 23, 2011

    Aiden would love the car. He LOVES all yellow cats, so this would be a fun surprise for him.

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      Oops. I meant yellow CARS! LOL

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  • Grace on August 24, 2011

    How cool, a great jump start for our childrens imagination! They love all of them and would be so appreciative to win anyone of your designs. Thanks for the opportunity!

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