Can You Hear Me Now? Not Good.

“Can You Hear Me Now? Not Good.”

Remember the good ole’ days of the rotary phone? You turned, waited for the pulse and turned again to dial the number of the person you were trying to call.

These days, I wish I had one of those ancient phones.

Most of my cellphone conversations contain the following phrases:

– Can you hear me now? No? How about now?

– How about now?

– Okay, I’m not outside. Can you hear me better?

– Let me walk into the other room so you can hear me better.

– Sorry, I will call you right back on another phone.

– Does that work? I switched to a headset.

– Let me go out of my office, it gets horrible reception.

– I’m so sorry, I can’t hear the static on my line. Are you sure it’s me?

– Hello?

– Call Failed.

– Call Back.

– I can hear you, can you hear me?

– Hello?

– Let’s try again in a second.

– Call me right back. It’s probably the connection.

– Let me walk over here, I think I can hear you better here.

– I bet it’s because I’m using my headset, let me try using the speaker.

– Let me put you on speaker, that’ll work.

True story. I say these things often and a lot of times, I say them all within a few phone calls. This shouldn’t be the case!

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  • Wendy on September 27, 2012

    You know, I do the exact same thing!! When I moved in with my husband, I had to switch providers from US Cellular because they weren’t in my new area. I hated to because I always had excellent service at low rates.


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