Cats, Whiskers & Worry

“Cats, Whiskers & Worry”

Last week, my grandmother, who is very much a “Modern Day Grandmother” talked about “Tat The Cat”. Tat is an adorable cat that I see every week when I go over to her house for our special Sunday dinner traditions. She’s back today to share one of the most memorable moments…

Tat is a special cat who loves routine. As I mentioned before, she knows when its coffee break time when she hears the coffee starting. She will come out of hiding and begs for a treat. Surely we aren’t the only ones who love an afternoon treat.

There is one special memory that I have etched in my mind. It was the day that she almost got attacked.

Every afternoon, we open the door and let her out on our screened lanai to relax. We never need to check on her because she always lets us know when she is ready to come inside.

This particular day, a stray Tom Cat decided he wanted her so he clawed at the screens as hard as he could. Tat was frightened so while this cat was trying to get in our lanai, she went and hid behind our large cast iron pot full of flowers.

Once the cat broke through the screen, he couldn’t find her she had hid so well and that’s about the time I noticed him. I walked on the lanai, shooed him away and once he was gone, here comes Tat, out from behind the pot. Smart cat she was.

Needless to say, we not only had to rescreen our lanai, we also had to add wire fencing on the bottom because that stray cat made a return a few times.

I will always remember that moment and how I arrived at the door just in time.

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