Cheesy Enchilada Casserole

“Cheesy Enchilada Casserole”

This post brought to you by KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese and Safeway. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know about your family, but in mine we definitely don’t all have the same food preferences. Except, for one thing…. CHEESE! Queso is a staple at our house. I always know that if there is cheese in our meal, everyone will pretty much love it. So, of course, as I’m walking through the entrance of Safeway, and the aroma of fresh fruit and the amazing deli hits me; I look up and the first aisle that I see says very clearly at the top of the list: cheese!

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At home, I made an easy enchilada casserole; my kids’ favorite dinner! My kids love to help me cook, and I always cringe a little bit inside because there has ALWAYS been a mess of shredded cheese on the floor and the counters when I let them assist. Well, not anymore! The new KRAFT package is smaller so it’s easier for my kids to grab (also taking up less room in my fridge for my four packages of cheese) and has a broad, flat bottom that allows it to stand up even when there’s only a small amount of cheese left in the package.

No more cheese spilling out as we try to grab handfuls with the larger package lying on its side. Before, I used to just grab a bowl to put the cheese in, but I never knew exactly how much I’d use so I’d end up dirtying an extra bowl, and then I’d have to dump in back in the package after if I had poured too much. It created more work and more dishes! I don’t want more dishes!!!! Our dishwasher runs a couple times a day as it is with our six little ones. (Well, five little ones, and one man-sized child) So you can imagine that every little bit of extra work saved helps a whole lot around here. The new package with the same amount (2 cups) of shredded cheese, and the same convenient Ziploc closure, made it so easy for my daughter to just get scoops directly out of it and sprinkle over the layers of our casserole; and in the end I could hold the smaller package and just shake the last of it out onto the top for extra cheesiness that we all love!

Safeway has certainly saved the day for this mommy, time and time again at dinnertime; but with the new KRAFT Cheese section, this meal was great for the whole family. A simple and inexpensive shopping list at Safeway included: a precooked package of carnitas, a package KRAFT shredded cheese (any kind you like), tortillas, a large can of green enchilada sauce (or red, if you prefer), and whatever garnishes you like! We enjoy avocado, onion, tomato, olives, and sour cream. Yummy!

My list was actually doubled because I am feeding a family of 8. I preheated my oven to 350 to start. After that, it was a quick and easy prep of just dumping the meat in a pan with a little bit of the sauce, chopped onion if you like, and a couple handfuls of cheese; then heating it until it’s melted and the carnitas are combined well with the sauce and cheese. I drizzle a bit more sauce on the bottom of my 9 x 13 pan and completely cover it with a layer of tortillas.

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It’s a simple process after that of alternating the layers: first tortillas, then sauce, then the meat with a sprinkling of cheese, then more tortillas and sauce, followed by a generous covering of KRAFT shredded cheese, and continue again with meat until you have a nice full pan topped with tortillas covered in cheese.

I cooked it uncovered for about 30 minutes just until the top looked a little brown around the edges and bubbly. About 5 minutes before it was done, I added chopped tomatoes and olives too, and that was our quick but delicious dinner. I used a bag that I had in the fridge of southwest style salad, and added a handful of KRAFT shredded cheese to that as well and our meal was complete!

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My favorite part of this is that while it was so easy for me to swing by Safeway and throw this dinner together, my kids and husband raved about it as though I slaved in the kitchen preparing it! Oh well! No arguments here! After bedtime, I think that meal deserves a pass on dishes and cleanup, a glass of wine, and putting my feet up. I’ll gladly take all the credit while secretly thanking Safeway Just For You and KRAFT Cheese for a job well done… again!

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