Citrus Lane - Fresh Finds, Delivered Monthly

“Citrus Lane – Fresh Finds, Delivered Monthly”

Citrus Lane: Fresh Finds. Parent Tips. Delivered Monthly.

With Citrus Lane, you’ll get a box every month filled with cute and practical products recommended by real moms. All you have to do is tell them your child’s birthdate (up to 3 years) and they will do the rest. That’s it! It’s like Christmas, every month. Leave it up to them to send you the must-have products for your child based on their age.

Citrus Lane was founded by Mauria & Claire. During her two pregnancies, Mauria wanted to find the best products for her babies. So she set about researching and seeking advice from other parents to discover the most innovative, practical and healthy products for her newborns. With young babies and limited time, she wished there were a way to get the right products delivered straight to her door—no research or shopping required.

Mauria’s motherhood experience inspired her to leave her high-powered Silicon Valley job in the fall of 2010. She dreamed of starting a company that would help new and expecting parents make healthier product choices for their families—and make life a little more fun. And that’s how Citrus Lane was born! Mauria is mother to Xander, 4 and Zachary, 1.

As a working mom, Claire understands the preciousness of time. Claire fell in love with Citrus Lane’s concept of building and delivering care packages to make life easier for new parents. She also loved the idea of creating a community where parents could find and share information and ideas. And that’s why, within a day of meeting Mauria, Claire signed up to be part of Citrus Lane! Claire is mother to Jesse, 16 and Katrina, 12

Some examples of their boxes include:

Shower Box:

Teething Baby Box:

Welcome Home Box:

Just to name a few. You can get a good idea of all the boxes they provide here: http://www.citruslane.com/boxes/index.html

Boon, CloudB, Green Toys, me4kidz, Plum Organics & SkipHop are just a few of the many brands they work with to bring products to you and your baby.

How do you sign up?

Go to their website to join!

Subscription plans include:

Join for $25 a month or buy a package and save!
$125 for 6 months (1 month free!)
$250 for 12 months (2 months free!)

With Citrus Lane, you can surprise that special mom every month. Their subscriptions make a great gift for parents of newborns up to age 3.

Gift packages include:

3, 6 and 12 month gift packages:
$75 for 3 months
$125 for 6 months (1 month free!)
$250 for 12 months (2 months free!)

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