Coffee Ice Cream Affogato

“Coffee Ice Cream Affogato”

In honor of National Coffee Ice Cream Day on September 6th, we are going to share a few of our favorite coffee ice cream recipes this week!

Today, we have Coffee Ice Cream Affogato!

Coffee & Ice Cream have always gone hand in hand for me. As far as I can remember, I love adding a small scoop of ice cream into my coffee for a creamy treat. It’s just something I did… and not many people understood it but that was okay to me!

Imagine my surprise when I found about this delicious recipe:

Coffee Ice Cream Affogato


Stimulate the post-dinner set with this espresso-based treat that combines sweet, bitter, and sometimes, booze.

1 pint best-quality coffee ice cream or gelato

4 ounces liqueur, such as sambuca, amaretto, or Frangelico (optional)

4 cups freshly brewed espresso

Just before serving, scoop ice cream into four small bowls or large coffee cups. Divide liqueur among four small glasses, if using; serve liqueur and espresso alongside each bowl, and let each person pour them over the ice cream.



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