Comfort From Home

“Comfort From Home”

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Marie Callender’s for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

An amazing frozen pot pie only cooked in the microwave.. could it be too good to be true? The reason I like Marie Callender’s pot pie so much are that they have a nice buttery, flaky crust on the top. The insides are delicious and perfectly flavored. But the crust is what really sells it for me… especially when it's so crisp and flaky. Easy to make and microwavable, Marie Callender’s really is top of the line. There is a creamy and delicious gravy inside of the pot pie with a noted onion and pepper flavor to it. The ultimate comfort food, you can trust that the picture you see on the box of the Marie Callender’s pot pie is very similar to what you will actually be eating yourself. This is paramount as false advertising runs rampant n the frozen food isle. This is not the case with Marie Callender’s. The carrots were firm and flavorful, the peas had real snap and delicious flavor to them, the crust is out of this world and that thick, creamy gravy was the star of the show. Perfect for cold, wintry nights or anytime really. I've been known to eat them for breakfast.

















As if you needed any more reason to pick up a Marie Callender’s pot pie, Marie Callender’s has launched the comforts from home project by bringing the comforts of home to those who protect America's homes every day, the brave men and women of the US military. Marie Callender’s comfort from home project makes it very easy to support our military men and women by simply entering the eight digit code online that's seen on specially marked packages of Marie Callender’s dinners and desserts. Visit www.comfortfromhome.com and Marie Callender’s will send a donation to you uso2go. Each code you entered equals a 50 Cent donation to this program.

Uso2go is a USO program that brings kids filled with electronics, books, games, sports gear and much more to troops stationed in remote locations around the world. Each kid will contain the comforts of home and helps transform a remote bass into a place where troops can organize a football game, relax in a chair or send emails to loved ones at home.

This program hits pretty close to home for me as I know what it is like to have loved ones away in the military. My dear brother in law, who serves for this country has been gone a lot since he married my sister. This has to be tough to be away from those you love, especially so soon after a marriage. And a little bit that is offered to help really means so much to those that are overseas, and away from their families. I really appreciate what Marie Callender’s is doing.

Many of you have probably heard of Thunderclap, but for those who haven’t, it is a tool that helps promote wider reach of messages by broadcasting them at the same time through the social media channels of friends – or in this case, a large group of consumers promoting the same good cause. In the coming weeks, the Marie team will start reaching out to consumers through the brand's Facebook page to get them to sign up to be part of the Thunderclap which will launch on Sunday, 11/30 if we meet our supporter goal.

Think of it like this: a person sees the link to the Marie CFH Thunderclap page on Facebook -> click the link -> land on the Marie Thunderclap page where they can sign up to support Marie Callender’s CFH through Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr -> on 11/30 the pre-populated Marie Callender’s CFH message (below) will be automatically posted on that person’s feed -> our message is seen by thousands and incremental codes are entered! Find out more on Marie Callender’s Facebook page. 

Marie Callenders photo 93f387c2-0475-4776-b747-0963c2885de6_zps7603529f.png

You can sign up to support this effort RIGHT NOW by visiting https://www.thunderclap.it/pro…. The message, “Help the USO & Marie Callender's Meals bring the #ComfortsFromHome to troops overseas. Enter the on-pack code today! http://thndr.it/1E3IE6x will hopefully encourage thousands to enter the on-pack code and therefore drive donations to USO2GO. Find out more by visiting Comforts From Home.

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