Cravings: The Good, The Bad, The Delicious

“Cravings: The Good, The Bad, The Delicious”

This post brought to you by White Castle. All opinions are 100% mine.


I remember being pregnant and having all kinds of cravings. I've also heard of some pretty strange cravings that others have had. I've heard of women craving candy, citrus, pizza, pickles, etc.

You know – when a pregnant woman wants something, she will go through great lengths to get it… and that I did. It's a serious thing.

One thing I liked was the sliders from White Castle. Have you ever had a slider from White Castle? If not, you are missing out… and you may not understand this post. ;

I make it a point to visit White Castle when I am visiting family as we don't have them where I live. While talking with my family the other day, I mentioned the details about CraverNation.com and how you can receive 2 free sliders when you sign up. I figured, if I can't have them, someone needs to. ;

It was pretty simple, really. You go to the site, sign up and you're all set. ;

Join Craver Nation! ;and participate in the fun You Just Got Served and National Anthem challenges. Now, go get your free sliders. Promise?

And moms, when you were pregnant, what kind of cravings did you have? Was it anything weird and dramatic or simple? ;

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