Dare you to try Makeup.com

“Dare you to try Makeup.com”

Thanks to L’Oreal for sponsoring my post about my favorite beauty looks, tips and tricks! Check out Makeup.com for beauty advice from the experts.

I am a big fan of makeup. I don’t wear much but I definitely have a nice collection. You can constantly find me online browsing websites for tips, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Pinterest has some amazing hair & beauty tutorials… just look at this:


To achieve that look easily, I can almost guarantee the new Eye Studio Color Explosion Eyeshadows would do the trick. They are new from Maybelline and I want them. I want every color palette that they make.

Here are a few of their other palettes:

Here are some tips I’ve found when applying eyeshadow:

1. Prime your eyelids. Use eyeshadow primer, or a dab of liquid foundation or concealer. This step will help keep your eyeshadow vibrant on your eyelids, not dull on your cheeks as the day goes on. Lotion or water can be used as a substitute. Apply your primer with either a makeup sponge or clean fingers. Blend it from your lash line into your brow bone.

2. Add a neutral color first, such as peach, beige or light brown. Apply only to lid.

3. Apply a slightly darker color to the crease. Keep it on your crease, and don’t extend it upward. For a more bold look, use bolder colors. Make sure the colors go well with your eye color.

4. Apply your other eye makeup. Take care not to get mascara or eyeliner on your eyeshadow. If this does happen, a dry cotton swab placed on the spot and gently twisted should remove the makeup with minimal eyeshadow smudging.

A great article I found on Makeup.com was 6 Tips for Perfect Makeup, Every Time. YES PLEASE. This article gives you tips on not only applying foundation but lipliner and eyeliner.


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