Delicious Strawberry Smoothie

“Delicious Strawberry Smoothie”

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Look, I feel bad for the people that are stuck in the snow still. This has been one of the harshest and unexpected winters that I can remember. That doesn’t mean I am going to feel bad for gloating about the fresh produce that Florida has to offer this time of year. In Florida, February is Strawberry Season, so not only does it bring fresh and delicious strawberries, but also the world famous Florida Strawberry Festival that comes in February and early March. I can’t think of a more delicious and versatile fruit. Whether I am eating them plain, in a smoothie, on a sandwich, or just as a topping for some frozen yogurt, having them fresh and ripe right from Florida really makes the difference.

There are many delicious seasonal produce options available, but strawberry season always perks me up. Maybe it is the idea that spring is right around the corner, and these juicy fruits are just the beginning of another year filled with delicious and healthy foods for my family. Although I think that it might be all the nutritional benefits they have to offer in such a sweet package. I usually start my day with a smoothie, and I always use strawberries as the base. There is something about their sweet flavor, and beautiful color that perks up my day immediately and ten times better than a regular cup of coffee. High in antioxidants, low in calories and high in fiber, with a host of health benefits, strawberries have to be one of the worlds healthiest foods! When they come fresh from Florida, they have a taste that is unmatchable.

Plump, juicy and sweet, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the great weather we have in Florida, and although I feel bad for those still stuck in snowstorms, I can only urge you to make a trip to Florida and take advantage of the fresh, delicious and wholesome produce all year round that isĀ Fresh From Florida.



I mentioned that I like smoothies. I have a pretty simple recipe that I usually mix together on the go that always includes delicious strawberries, picked up from the store fresh, and then tossed into my freezer. I start my day a few times a week with that. My daughter likes them on almost anything. Sometimes when we freeze them, we blend them with a little milk to make a sorbet of sorts and I think she likes it even better than regular ice cream. I love it when I can make something that she enjoys but is also healthier than the alternative. A fun activity we also sometimes partake in is making strawberry jam. It really doesn’t get much better than that. But when it comes to starting my day, I have to have that smoothie! Enjoy this recipe frequently for good health! It takes about two minutes and all you have to do is blend it in your blender and drink away!


1 cup orange juice
1 banana (peeled)
6 frozen strawberries
4 slices peaches (frozen)
1 oz vanilla whey protein powder
Blend and serve!

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