Discovered on Curious.com: Top 5 DIY Lessons

“Discovered on Curious.com: Top 5 DIY Lessons”

It’s no secret that DIY projects are where it’s at. In this day and age, it’s smarter to try to create your own things especially when it’s considerably cheaper to make your own projects.

Thankfully, Curious.com makes things easier.


Curious.com is known as one of the best places to teach you anything you need to know. You can watch a variety of lessons from how to brew beer, salsa dance, learn sign language to integrating a curve. You can spend 15 minutes or several hours learning something new, improving a skill or diving deep into a subject you are passionate about. The best thing about Curious is the fact that it is for anyone who believes learning should be a “lifelong” endeavor. Bring your iPad to bed with you and log on to Curious to watch a video and wake up with a new sense on how to do something.

With Curious, it’s easy to learn! They provide short format video-based, high quality of lessons: Curious provides learners with an easily digestible, short format, clean, focused learning environment with well thought-out lessons and support materials.

There is quite the mix of lessons with a wide range of learning content; useful, fascinating and fun mix. Curious lessons are surprising and delightful. Not to mention, they are geared toward individual needs and learning styles. Which means, whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, you can learn something new in that amount of time. Learn on your own time! That’s the great thing about it. Especially as moms, we don’t have all the time in the world. With Curious, the lessons are convenient and you can learn when you have time.

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Have a little bit of free time? Log on to Curious.com and check out their collection of videos!


Here are some of our Top 5 DIY lessons from Curious!

1. How to start your own compost pile

Want to take a step towards being green and starting your compost pile? Why not learn the correct way to do it in a few easy steps! Just watch this video on Curious!

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2. How to stencil a wall

You don’t have to be an interior designer or an artist to stencil a wall! Believe it or not, this video shows you that it’s not too hard and it seems to be a lot of fun!

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3. How to antique a mirror

Forget the antique store and paying above and beyond for a mirror when you can antique the mirror yourself!!! This video will show you just how easy it is to antique a mirror. I also imagine that it would be a good tutorial for other pieces of furniture as well!

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4. How to make reusable paper towels

This is one of my favorite tutorials on Curious! Make your own reusable paper towels! The floral pattern she used is so pretty!

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 2.31.12 PM

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5. How to refinish a chair

Refinishing your chairs, especially in the dining room, can really switch it up and change up the look of the room without spending a ton of money.

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As you can see, Curious has a lot to offer! There videos are informative and will leave you feeling excited to take on a new project!


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This post was sponsored by Curious! All opinions are our own. As always!


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