Discussing Charity with your Children : Members Unite

“Discussing Charity with your Children : Members Unite”

Members Unite..
Together, we can make amazing change happen.

As we were leaving the bank the other day, my daughter saw this larger than life stuffed animal. Next to it was a sign that explained that this stuffed animal was for a raffle. A raffle that is raising money for a local charity. “Mom, can I have that animal?” she asked. “No, honey, it’s for Charity.” After I said that, we spent the next 20 minutes talking about Charity. “Who is Charity?” I had to explain that it wasn’t a person but rather, an action. Doing good deeds and supporting causes for those less fortunate than us.

She sort of understood but I knew I needed a better way of explaining to her what it really meant.

Thankfully, I found the website Members Unite. Members Unite is basically a network of people who have the power to make a bigger impact on the issues that are important to you. You can become a member and as a member, you’ll suggest worthwhile projects, discuss and debate potential projects, and vote for the project you think is most deserving of receiving funding from the collective pool of donations.

This was the perfect way to show her. The website was great because it was visual. I was able to go over the different projects and explain them as she looked at the photo. “Mom, that one with babies. What is that one?” That is actually this one below:

As you can see, it’s easier to explain things to a child visually as they are able to understand better… and that’s just what we did. We discusses, we talked about charity and I have a smile on my face.

Members Unite is a simple way to fund projects that are important to you. Members actually control the outcome each month because votes will decide the winning project.

It’s not scary and getting started with Members Unite is actually pretty easy. There are no hoops to jump through. You can create a free account which will allow you easy access to the site and will let you explore and get to know the site better. From there, you can actually become a full member for as little as $5 a month.

Members Unite is great for those who are interested in making a difference. It is a great experience that will allow you the opportunity to give and support worthy causes and charities.

You can also give a Members Unite membership as a gift! What a special present, especially for someone who loves to help others and make a difference.

Please visit their website to find out more. Start making a difference today.

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