Do You Need a Giftervention?

“Do You Need a Giftervention?”

I really don’t know how I got to be so lucky. As the holiday season comes around, many of my mom friends are stressing about the lengthy list that they are kids haven’t given them for Christmas. Items upon items, and none of them cheap, I would think that many of them would need a second, if not a third job just to be able to handle the holidays.

I asked my oldest the other day to write up her Christmas list and she quickly grabbed a pencil and paper to start the task. As she finished and probably handed me the list, I almost to ground hoping that it wouldn’t be a too far out of our league. I didn’t want to have to let her know that Santa was facing cutbacks in a hard economy, but after this year I certainly was prepared to.

As I sheepishly open the list just outside of her view, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had hardly written anything at all. Her list was less of a “want” list and more of a request for a later bedtime so she can play her favorite video games.

Again I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have such a sweet daughter who hardly even wanted anything for Christmas this year. Though it still didn’t shed too much light on what I could actually give her, I knew that I had to do something special for her because she truly deserves it.

After a little brainstorming and jotting down some ideas of my own, I erased the entire list I have come up with, and figured I could give her something that she really wanted.

All she wanted was some extra time to play video games, so how about a xBox Live Gold 12 Month Membership EGift from GiftCardMall to go with it.

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These can be the perfect gift for the game or that just doesn’t really know what they want. It takes the guessing out of the shopping but is still a unique gift to give that the recipient is sure to enjoy.


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