Drink More Water, Explore Nature, Have Fun

“Drink More Water, Explore Nature, Have Fun”

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One activity that is paramount to my family’s success is getting outside. This time together really forces us to put down our gadgets and focus on the present. Many times after dinner instead of going straight to the computer, we will take a family walk or hike. Being outside and enjoying the natural wonders really makes us feel pretty connected to our environment and each other. A lot can be said about enjoying nature and making time to be together in the sun.

Now that we are able to enjoy a little warmer temperatures, thanks to spring showing its face, we are spending more and more time out in the wild. We have made it a practice to visit many state parks and are always exploring something new. With those new adventures and steadily rising temperatures, hydration is of the utmost importance.

Nestle Pure Life water is a perfect choice to keep on hand. Forget the sugary sports drinks, and go back to basics with the number one choice in hydration, water. We always have a couple of bottles on hand at any given time. We stock a few for the car ride, some in our backpacks, and of course a bottle to go with lunch. Coming from such a cold winter this year, it’s easy to forget how much water we really need. Many people suggest you need eight glasses a day, but snagging a few water bottles certainly makes that goal a lot easier.

I have noticed one of the best ways to combine healthiness and happiness is spending a day out in the park and taking frequent water breaks. There is a lot to take in and enjoy when we are in the middle of a nature hike, and those water breaks give us an opportunity to sit back, relax and relish in the beautiful landscapes around us. Nestle Pure Life water has become central to my healthy and happy existence. With a very active daughter, and another one on the way, nothing is more important than making sure we are all are healthy and happy. That means making sure we are all are hydrated, especially mama and the little baby on the way.

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