Drinks and Products that Help Breast Milk Production that You Should Know About

“Drinks and Products that Help Breast Milk Production that You Should Know About”

Some women are naturally lucky and get loads of milk in. However, if you’re like me where your child was born early or have other issues causing low milk production it’s not always that simple. Of course, we want to do the best thing for our children and give them those great immunoglobulins through our breast milk, but it can be challenging at times. I have some good news though, there is hope.

If you want to keep breastfeeding or try to supplement with some breast milk you absolutely can! There are some amazing products out there that REALLY (yes I tried them) help breast milk come in. That means you don’t have to be naturally lucky anymore you can increase your odds to feed your child naturally through these amazing products. Read on mama!

Upspring Milkflow

Upspring Milkflow is perhaps one of my favorite products on the market. As soon as I noticed my milk was gone completely, I used this product and instantly I got milk back within a few hours. That’s saying a lot! They also have great flavors in drinks like Chocolate or Strawberry. The key ingredient here is the fenugreek which is an herb that not only helps with milk production but lowering blood sugar. How amazing is that?

You can get this drink from your local pharmacies or places like Target. I got mine from Target. However, if you’re more of an avid online shopper you can get yours here. This brand also carries pills, cookies, and other things to get that milk flowing through your breasts. I have tried the cookies, but I will say I prefer the drink. However, everything is preference.

Natal Nourish

Natal Nourish is supposedly the number one lactation supplement on the market as of this year. It has a special blend of 6 different herbs and some of them are antioxidants which promote not only longevity but help inflammation. It has been shown that these special ingredients that makes Natal Nourish what it helps give you twice as much breast milk quicker than any other product on the market. If you’re in dire need of some milk production go here and get your own today. It’s number one for a reason after all.

True Milk

Pink Stork creates an amazing breast milk enhancer. It’s made with organic herbs and not only gives you more milk but claims to enhance the nutrition of your milk as well. Every mom’s dream is to have the best and richest nutrient breast milk for their bundle of joy. Well, now you can have with Pink Stork’s product called True milk.

It really works and is kind of comforting knowing that I am giving my baby even more nutrients by using this product. Go here to buy your own.

Brewers Yeast Powder

Brewer’s Yeast Powder for Lactation is another great item to have in your repertoire when you are a little low on milk production. You may have heard old wives’ tales or myths that beer helps produce breast milk. Well, those stories are actually true. Beer does help, but the alcohol in beer isn’t good for our little one or their brain growth. So, someone came up with brewer’s yeast that you can use without the alcohol and this will help the lactation.

You see it’s the brewer’s yeast in the beer which helps bring in the milk production for moms. So, now you see you don’t need to worry about your child becoming an alcoholic (ha ha) you can simply buy this amazing product here. 

While these products may have worked for me and other moms out there I have to tell you we are all different. Our bodies and situations are all different. Our lifestyles and our heredity are completely different. So, while one item may work for one mom they may not all work for that mom. It is always a good idea to run a product by your doctor or lactation consultant. However, if you’re in a pinch or simply want to try a product on your own, from my experience, all of these products are solid and do a great job.

I hope that you are successful in your breastfeeding quest, but even if you’re not I want you to know that doesn’t make you a bad mom. Sometimes our kids can get everything they need from formula too. So, no matter what happens don’t feel bad.


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