Easy DIY Herb Garden Project Ideas & BBQ, too.

“Easy DIY Herb Garden Project Ideas & BBQ, too.”

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I find the outdoors very inspiring. It's the perfect weather for gardening, having backyard BBQ's, exploring, finding bugs (according to my 6yo), laying in the hammock and enjoying some good old sunshine!


My grandfather is a horticulturist and has been for many years. I find myself constantly asking him questions about planting things, what to plant at certain times of the year, the different seasons and so on. My green thumb is more like a brownish green but I still manage to accomplish the actual gardening process.

My favorite thing to plant is peppers although it seems they require the most patience. Peppers take a very long time to sprout and will often leave you wondering if you did something wrong.

The first year I planted peppers, well, let's just say I didn't do my research. I planted about 20 Bell Pepper, Jalapeno Pepper & Habenero Pepper plants in my garden. After 6 weeks, nothing. I panicked and went to the store to buy plants that have already sprouted, took them home, planted them and literally within 1 week of planting those pepper plants, the original seeds that I planted started sprouting. That year, we had over 30+ pepper plants in our garden. It was kind of insane but also very awesome. The bell peppers never quite made it but the hot peppers took off! They love the heat (no pun intended) and they did well in the sandy soil we have in our backyard. 

Gardening is a great way to get the kids excited about the outdoors. My daughter loves to garden and it usually requires her favorite pair of gloves, various garden tools and plastic cups. She also makes a mean mud pie. Including your children in your gardening projects will give them something to look forward to. You guys can check the process on the seedlings and cheer for them as they begin to sprout. 

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I know what project I want to do. I want to buy some terra-cotta pots and plant various herbs in them and make a DIY herb garden that is simple and easy to maintain. 

The great thing about planting herbs in pots like this is you can control their growth and the weeds. Besides, you can display them in something cute like a wheelbarrel and your kids will be excited to give you a hand on the process.

Some things I will be picking up for my project:

Yes, cute boots required. Also, if you haven't tried the Moisture Control Potting Mix by Miracle-Gro, I have found it to be wonderful to use for herbs!

Here's another fun thing you can do while working on your project… have a BBQ! Invite over some friends and let their kids help. Sure, you may not want the kids working on the same project as you, and if not, that's okay. You can always give them their own garden project to work on! I'm sure they wouldn't mind digging for worms as they go along too. I usually pass on that part. We will be hosting a fun backyard BBQ sponsored by Miracle-Gro!

I challenge you to come up with a fun garden project for you and your family to do! We would love to see pictures! Follow Miracle-Gro on pinterest and check it out as a forum for gardeners to come together and share gardening stories.

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