Easy DIY Summer Garden Projects

“Easy DIY Summer Garden Projects”

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Gardening doesn't have to be complicated. It can actually be quite fun and exciting, especially when you track the progress with your children. 

1. Tomato Tub Project

Making a tomato tub is pretty easy and requires only a few steps. Please follow along with these easy steps for a fun outdoor project to create with your kids.

For the Tomato Tub project, you will need:

– A Tub/Container (as pictured above)
– Small gravel/rocks, broken pot pieces.
– Potting Soil
– Tomato Plant (select a space-saving tomato variety, such ‘Tiny Tim’, ‘Cherry Gold’, ‘Red Robin’, ‘Yellow Canary’, ‘Pixie Hybrid’, ‘Patio Hybrid’, ‘Small Fry’, ‘Super Bush’, or ‘Sun Gold’.)
– Lettuce Seed Packet
2. Grow A Rockin’ Pepper Garden
I’m gonna share a little secret with you when it comes to growing a successful pepper garden… SAVE THE SEEDS. Save the seeds from the peppers you are about to eat (that have not been refrigerated). Refrigeration and pepper seeds are not friends, especially when trying to get them to germinate.
Here’s the first thing I do when I am preparing a pepper to use for dinner, I slice the pepper long ways and take out the seeds. I put them in a bowl and let them sit out and dry for a week or so. 

Read all about how I grew a rockin' pepper garden easily!

3. DIY Rain Barrel
For those of you who don’t even know what a rain barrel is, let me explain: Besides saving you money on water, a rain barrel collects and stores rainwater from rooftops to use later for watering plants and gardens.
Typically, here are a few things you will need if you are going to DIY on the Rain Barrel.
– 50-gallon plastic barrel (You might be able to find them at local car washes or hardware stores! Ask around, it shouldn’t be hard to find one locally)
– Rain Barrel Kit (includes faucet, etc. This can be found at your local hardware store too.)
– Caulk
– Fine mosquito mesh
– Tools such as a drill that is fitted with a hole-cutting bit and metal snips (or box cutter).
If the idea of it overwhelms you, you can easily bring your rain barrel to your local hardware store and ask them to cut a hole for you and help you fit the faucet (and things, ha!) into the barrel. Just ask for help!
Read more Rain Barrel tips here.
4. DIY Cactus Garden
The most recent garden project that we did was create a small cactus garden. Not only that, we removed all of our old mulch and replaced it with beautiful red lava rocks. Wow, what a difference it made in our garden! There is nothing better than having your friends over and firing up the grill. Even better when you can get the kids involved in a fun garden project.
For this project, we bought 10-14 bags of Lava Rocks. They are pretty cheap per bag, you won't be spending much. We also bought some succulants and small cactus. We already had Aloe growing so we just added to it.
1. First up, we cleared out all the old mulch.
2. We laid down weed-stopper aka black tarp and cut around the plants.
3. We poured the rocks on top of the tarp and spread them out around all the plants.

As you can see, the lava rocks really made a huge difference and everything just looks so much fresher. 

For your garden projects, I would recommend something like Shake n’ Feed Moisture Control All Purpose Plant Food and Moisture Control Potting Mix especially if you are planting edible food in your garden! 

Miracle-Gro’s The Gro Project is here to showcase that garden projects should not be complicated! Miracle-Gro wants to simplify gardening for a whole new class of gardeners and show that it can be easy, fun and enjoyable by coming up with fun garden projects that are for the whole family. Click that link to check out Miracle Gro's Pinterest page! They have a lot of good ideas on there.

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