Easy Ways To Take Care of the Family Car

“Easy Ways To Take Care of the Family Car”

This post brought to you by Pep Boys and Techron. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who doesn't want to get the most out of their car?  I know for certain that I do.  What if there were a product that could remove the deposits that are left behind from using low quality gasoline to keep your car running smoothly, with maximum power, lower emissions and a better fuel economy.  Even if you don't care about anything else, I just said "better fuel economy".  Fortunately for us, there is such a product.  That product is called Techron®.  That's right, Techron® is proven to be effective at keeping both modern and older engines clean.  And even better, it doesn't take a licensed technician to administer it. You can do it yourself! It's an extremely easy task to keep your car running at optimum performance.  

Let me break it down for you…  In order for your car to perform at maximum power, your engine requires unrestricted air and fuel delivery. But this can't happen when deposits have clogged your valves and fuel injectors.  Techron® is a simple solution to this problem, and is proven to remove and protect your engine from deposits in these critical areas. We used the Techron Fuel System Cleaner that we found at our local Pep Boys store. Find a Pep Boys Near You!
Secondly, a cleaner engine mean less hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in our environment.  This means less nasty emissions contributing the demise of our planet.  Now you can feel good about driving your car at its peak performance, in addition to saving the life of your car! Techron® is unbeatable at keeping fuel systems clean, and with the money it helps you save, it practically pays for itself! 

Last, but not least, a dirty engine can reduce the mileage you get from a tank of gas.  This is paramount, especially when you are a hard working parent just trying to stretch the dollar as fart as it can go.  I know how important this is ushering your child from play-dates and birthday parties, to school and after-school activities.   
The reason a dirty engine can reduce your mileage is because deposits can cause fuels to be improperly combusted or absorbed, effectively wasting gas. A clean engine helps ensure that your gas fuel to air ratio is optimized, so you can use every drop of gasoline. This not only means you go further but your engine also burns cleaner.  At this point, I would have a harder time convincing you NOT to give Techron Fuel System Cleaner a try.  Consider me sold on the stuff, how about you?
Techron Fuel System Cleaner is super easy to use as well!  Pour the entire contents of the bottle into a nearly empty tank, and fill up with up to 12 gallons of gas. A second treatment will give additional benefits. And it's as simple as that,  pop the top off the bottle and pour into a close to empty tank, full it back up and reap the benefits. 
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  • Becky on August 20, 2013

    I would buy the fuel system cleaner. I need to be doing this.


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