Family Characters

“Family Characters”


You love them and stick together through good and bad. You give hugs, you tell jokes, they definitely make life more interesting.

Here’s a little story about my family. Without naming names, let me break it down for you.

You have the Martha Stewart-esque Mom, The Silly, Joke-Telling, Skateboard Riding Dad and the Sassy, Too-Smart (for her own good) Kid. But… where do the pets and the little boy come in, you might ask… Ha, funny you should ask.

Depending on the mood of the sass pants, she either wants a brother or she doesn’t. Most of the time, it’s a “please don’t let them sleep in my room. They will stink and cry and wake me up”… Other times it’s “okay, I want a brother but please don’t let him sleep in my room ever, he will mess it up and take my toys and he will keep me up”. Apparently, she needs her sleep and wants her room to stay the same, all the time. Hey, if anyone is going to make a mess, it’s going to be HER.

The pets, well the pets are a tricky thing, you see. The mom is allergic to cats and the dad is allergic to dogs so of course, the daughter is allergic to… BOTH! Great. Let’s stick to fish and a hamster honey.

The dad prefers to be active, always on the go, never stops for nothing, loves to skateboard and ride his bike long distances, builds things and is always on the go, did I mention that? Whew… I hope that run-on sentence really proves the point.

The mom is crafty, always re-organizing and changing things around. Picking up after the other members of the family even when they are still using said things. Prefers to relax and watch reality tv instead of going going going. Likes to try new recipes that don’t always end up in the dinner “rotation”.

The daughter has a mind of her own. Would prefer the Top 40 hits to children’s songs and requested to go to mini-golf for her birthday when she was 4. She loves music more than any person I know and if she’s not doing something challenging, she is bored. She is as smart as can be and you can’t put anything past her. She knows that she wants a sibling (someday) who is NOT allowed to mess up her room, stink or wake her up at night.

If I had to compare the members of my family with celebrities, it would be pretty easy…

The mom would be Pink. Why? She’s quirky, crafty, edgy and has a fun style. The dad? Well this is perfect, he could totally be Carey Hart (married to pink). He’s funny, active, athletic, tattooed, and has a great personality.

What can I say? We are the new normal and I wouldn’t have it any other way. See what others are saying on Pinterest about The New Normal! Check out the New Normal Pinterest Page.

Who would be your own unique celebrity family? Who do you think would resemble you?

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