Tips for Adding Pets To Your Family

“Tips for Adding Pets To Your Family”

For the last few weeks, my grandmother, who is very much a “Modern Day Grandmother” talked about “Tat The Cat”. Tat is an adorable cat that I see every week when I go over to her house for our special dinner traditions. She’s back today to share one of the most memorable moments…

Tat is very much part of the family. Every week, my daughter loves to feed her treats and snacks and watch Tat run away. She finds this very humorous.

The fact that Tat knows when it’s time for afternoon coffee break where she expects a treat while everyone else has their coffee. I think having a family pet is fun however, there are some useful pet tips you should know. Let’s cover them now.

Useful Tips:

1. Using metal water dishes outside in winter may be a risk, because your pet’s tongue could stick to the frozen metal. In the summer, metal bowls can get very hot and burn your cat.

2. Buy a litter box. Remember to remove solids (feces) daily. Empty it thoroughly when it smells bad overall. When you have to refill the litter box, pour 2-3 inches in.

3. If you want a cat that is low-maintenance, you should get American Shorthair, or any other kind of short-haired cat. Short haired cats usually only need 1 brushing a week.

4. Show affection. Love your cat and your cat will love you, too.

5. Try preparing home-made cat food using: Cubed chicken (cooked), beef chunks, and little bits of a vegetable.

6. Buying a scratching post is recommended.

7. Do not pick a cat just by looks. Just like with humans, cats should not be judged by their outer beauty alone. The MOST important aspect of having a great cat is their inner beauty.

Check the kitten or cat nose to tail for signs of illness.

Things to look out for that are easily spotted:

Eyes – should be bright and free of discharge.
Nose – should not have any discharge or excessive sneezing.
Ears – should be free of dark wax, and should not smell bad.
Fur – should be clean and free of any bugs. Look in the armpits and on the belly for signs of fleas.
Bottom – should be clean and should not have any signs of diarrhea or worms.
Chest – breathing should sound clear and not have any wheezing.

When you first bring home a kitty, here is what you’ll need:

Litter box
Cat food
Cat litter
Flea collar(s)
Ample water
Tear-free shampoo
Cat bed or a box with a towel in

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