Feeding Family Pets More Than Your Kid's Barbie

“Feeding Family Pets More Than Your Kid’s Barbie”

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALPO® Brand Dog Food for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

A dog is definitely part of the family. Sometimes I look past the fur and just see another kid around the room. Except for this one doesn’t sit at the table as much as sniffing for scraps under it.

Just as I like to treat my kids every now and then, I feel like my dog deserves a treat that will make him happy. My daughter is pretty easy to please, all I have to do is buy her a doll and she is smiling from ear to ear. My dog however, dolls don’t do as much. Don’t get me wrong, my dog likes to chew on dolls much to the dismay of my daughter, but a quicker way to his heart is from the dog food bowl.

Luckily for me I can treat my dog to something he likes every mealtime. ALPO’s variety dog food is the only food for him. It leaves his tail wagging, and his bowl empty every single time. With each can being 100% complete and balanced, I can feel good about treating my dog to dinner.


The delicious chop house cans (well I am taking my dog’s word for it that they are delicious) come in small cuts or are finely ground and they really are great for mixing with dry food. Also, ALPO® Chop House offers a 5.5 oz. can that is compact and great for small dogs.

ALPO T-Bone photo bc9fa0c1-a09c-4ce4-ae35-ac008ab07386_zpsa6baba3a.png

ALPO Filet Mignon photo 2a6bde0a-ab21-4760-85ca-f96533ebce64_zps6a5aec0a.png

The unique flavors they offer really give my pup a treat and the proof is definitely in the happy dog I have. ALPO® Chop House 5.5 oz offers some really great flavors for your dog, such as T-Bone Steak Flavored Cuts, Tender Cuts With Lamb, Filet Mignon Flavor, and Rotisserie Chicken Flavored Cuts which I assure you will please even the pickiest of pups, and will let you feel good about giving them a daily treat.

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