Finding Out I Was Pregnant

“Finding Out I Was Pregnant”

I was 22 years old and I had met the man of my dreams. We recently had went through the whole process of moving in together and we were both working full-time jobs.

I didn’t have any signs or symptoms that I was pregnant, I just felt a little… off. I felt sick and I remember pulling over to the nearest Walgreens. I didn’t buy any medicine, I didn’t do anything other than buy a pregnancy test and head home. That evening I gathered up the courage to take the test. I was pregnant. But, was I really pregnant? Oh my gosh. I remember my first words… OH MY GOSH.

I immediately texted my childhood best friend! “Does this really mean what I think it means????” I asked. In denial? Not really, I just couldn’t believe it.

My fiance’ (at the time, now husband) was at work and I called him. I told him I had something important to tell him. I’m pretty sure he knew. I drove to his work, told him the news and he immediately took off the rest of the day. He convinced me to go buy another test JUST BECAUSE… because you know, one wasn’t enough! We went to the store and bought another pregnancy test. This time, this was going to be a digital test. It was either going to say PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. Of course, it said pregnant. I was pregnant.

Oh my gosh!

I remember that day like yesterday and now my daughter just turned 7 this year. Seriously? Time has flown by. I am thankful for those who helped us along the way. Back when we found out I was pregnant, we didn’t have a lot of things or knowledge on what to do and so many people were there for us including our families. It was amazing how much support we had. It made me feel confident in our parenting abilities and I am so very thankful.

I can’t wait to expand our family even more.


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