Friday Favorites: Tools, Bottles, RestPad

“Friday Favorites: Tools, Bottles, RestPad”

Welcome to Friday Favorites! We highlight some awesome must-have things and it’s all wrapped up in one weekly round-up that you don’t want to miss! Let’s get started.

1. Tomboy Tools / Tomboy Traveler
Price: $79.00

They are pink, they are handy and now you can tell your significant other to BACK OFF. These tools are yours. This is an awesome tool-kit that comes with the perfect tool bag to haul your tools and accessories around wherever you need them. It contains 10 tools, accessories and safety items in a canvas zippered bag.

The Tomboy Traveler Includes:
Wide Mouth Canvas Bags
13 oz. Magnetic Head Hammer
16′ Fractionalized Tape Measure
Multi-Bit Ratchet Screwdriver
Slip-Joint Pliers
Quick Changing Utility Knife
Torpedo Level
Rubber Grip Gloves
CE Certified Safety Glasses
Sanding Block
Carpenter’s Pencil

You need this in your life *coughchristmaslistcough*

2. KOR Vida Hydration Vessel / 750 mL
Price: $24.95

This is one of our favorite “bottles” ever. Its tapered profile and ergonomic handle make it a joy to hold. It has a smooth, threadless spout and it’s easy to clean (bonus!). Love the white look. Note: It is a single-walled vessel, so hot beverages are not recommended.

3. GoSmart RestPad
Price: $24.95

The rich looking and plush GoSmart RestPad fits your school or home décor, available in tan, brown, or pink microfiber. Bonus: very easy to keep clean, the sheepskin is attached to the mouse pad with Velcro, so it can be quickly removed and washed.

GoSmart RestPad Features:
• Ultimate pressure relief.
• Warm, soft & breathable, 100% natural sheepskin.
• High quality, large, and stable construction.
• Great for those with Carpal Tunnel or repetitive wrist injury.
• More comfortable at 38% larger than other pads, matches display’s widescreen aspect ratio.
• Rigid construction with high friction rubber base for flat and stable area to maneuver mouse.
• Sheepskin is removable, easily washed.
• Available in tan, brown, or pink.

The GoSmart Rest Pad is available immediately, priced at $24.95 at the GoSmart site at: http://justgosmart.com/store/ or through Amazon.com.

Til next time! Have a good week.



  • Rachel on April 5, 2013

    Every woman should have a set of Tomboy tools! That was the best gift my husband could have ever gotten me! Not only can I show him when his frame hanging is not level :), I no longer have to wait for him to take care of things! AND they’re adorable.


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