Fun Ways to Amp up Your Movie Night, without leaving home.

“Fun Ways to Amp up Your Movie Night, without leaving home.”

Sometimes there’s no better way to spend an evening than by having a movie night. Picking out a good movie and some fun snacks, while slipping into something cozy, gives you the ease to simply unwind. Movie theatres are fabulous and all, but the comfort of our own home is really all you need sometimes. Plus, if your kids want to run around at some point or need a restroom break, you don’t have to worry about disrupting an entire audience.

This is something that has been a total favorite pastime since my own childhood. As an adult not much has changed. I have witnessed this with just about any other person I have met throughout life as well. And it is easy to understand why. Since this is such a favorite pastime, I believe it deserves some extra attention and a little extra pampering. Sitting on your couch or getting snuggled up in bed with a good movie is a perfect option, but just like the variety of movie genres, there are many different ways to enjoy a movie night.

Has anyone seen a drive-in theatre lately? Sadly, it seems like they are becoming extinct. This is such a shame because there is something extra special about watching a movie in the open air. Not to mention, the added excitement of sneaking an extra person or two in by hiding them under a blanket with all the snacks. So if someone wants to jump on the opportunity of the business idea by opening a chain of them nationwide,(just throwing that out there), please be my guest…In the meantime, I have a great and very simple solution. Be your own drive-in! Fold down the seats in the back of your car, pop the back door open, grab some squishy blankets and pillows and set it up in a way that’s hard to resist getting into. Charge up your laptop and, Tada! You now have your own personal drive-in movie theatre in the back of your car. My girls actually named this one car camping-movie night. And it’s awesome. There is something about laying in your car, under the stars that give it that old school drive-in feels. Pop some popcorn and watch a good movie underneath the moon. Definitely make sure your computer battery is fully charged. Our movie got cut off right at the best part. But it didn’t damper our evening because it really did feel like an extra special movie night.

Since we are already on the topic of open aired evenings, another way to get that extra special effect is in the comfort of your own backyard. This is especially good if you have more people attending than you can fit in your car. Plus, if you have a Prius or smart car… the idea of sitting in your trunk for over an hour might be on the same appeal level as watching a very poorly made movie. While this does still include squishy blankets and pillows, or really whatever makes you comfortable, we are replacing a car with a big sheet and a projector screen. See where I’m going with this? It also has that drive-in effect, but you can fit more people if desired. You can find a pretty inexpensive projector on Amazon, Craigslist, or other online sites. And if you don’t want to invest in a screen, a king-sized sheet or several sheets are sewn together will do the trick. You can basically get that combo for the price of a single night at the movies. This could also be a hit for birthday parties or gatherings as well. If you happen to have a pool and it’s summertime, be everyone’s movie hosting hero and have a poolside movie night.

If summer has faded out and cooler temps are on the rise… like now, for example. Keep it indoors and old school by having a movie night in a fort. These are two timeless activities that go hand in hand. Kids have a blast with both, so why not combine them and make it extra special. I always feel like Peter Pan is an awesome movie to watch in a fort. The scene where they have all that colorful food sparks inspiration. A fun addition to car, backyard, pool or a fort, movies or movie themed snacks. For example, Peter Pan night could have colorful snacks. Sandlot would pair well with peanuts and cracker jacks, or any snack associated with baseball. There is a fun option with any movie. (Unless you’re using this for an adult movie night and your film choice is horror based.) Then you might want to leave the snacks aside.

The cool part about these movie night options is that they can be used separately or together. Movies are such a special way to gather people together, so many of these ideas just add to the atmosphere. Now the tricky part- which one will you try first, and with what movie? Enjoy!


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