Furry Bacon Lovers

“Furry Bacon Lovers”

This post brought to you by Purina. All opinions are 100% mine.

When my dog needs a treat, nothing equates happiness as much as  Beggin‘ Strips®.  My dog goes crazy for the stuff.  It looks, and smell delicious, so why wouldn't my precious pup think it tastes delicious as well.  As soon as I open the package, you can hear my dog running from around the corner, and leaping into the air with excitement for one of his favorite flavors of Beggin‘ Strips®.  Although, all the Beggin‘ Strips® flavors have his attention, I like to think of my dog as more refined and liking the more classic flavors.  His number one choice would have the be the classic Beggin‘ Strips® bacon flavor.  I mean, who doesn't like a nice strip of bacon? The beggin' thick cut hickory smoked and the beggin' collisions bacon & cheeseburger are also high up there on the ladder.   It seems like he really  is a dog after my own heart!

With those flavors in mind I was able to cast my vote for my, or should I say my dog's favorite Beggin‘ Strips® flavors and you can too.  Rumor has it, the top three varieties may be featured in a combo pack available at Sam’s Club in March, 2014.  Head on over to Nom-Nom-Nominate to cast your vote for your favorite flavors, and let us know which ones you choose.  Does your dog also do the "happy dance" when you open a pack?  I'd be interested to know if your puppy has as refined tastes as mine, so I look forward to hearing from you  My choices are below:

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