Get Bikini-Ready with a Summer Cleanse

“Get Bikini-Ready with a Summer Cleanse”

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As winter melts away, there is only one thing that is on my mind. That thing is spending some time soaking up the sunshine at the beach. Although I am comfortable in my own skin I do like to start fresh as spring turns to summer and kickstart my body into gear. This can only mean one thing for me, and that means starting a cleanse. I don't know if it's a physical thing, a mental thing, or both but I always feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired after a cleanse.

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The important thing is finding a cleanse that is all natural and not filled with chemicals nor a cleanse that is so restrictive that it does more harm than good. Let me introduce you to my new friend the Kaeng Raeng cleanse. Made in the USA, Kaeng Raeng cleanse is an all-natural, nutritional meal replacement cleanse program that is vegan, gluten-free, soy free, caffeine free, and free from artificial flavors and colors, sweeteners, preservatives, laxatives or stimulants. Despite all the things that it is not, it is actually pretty tasty.

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This cleanse is very simple. Just makes one meal replacement pouch with 24 ounces of cold liquid three times per day at meal time for a smoothie that is packed with 15 g of protein and 12 g of fiber. You can also supplement throughout the day with raw fruits and vegetables. This means that you don't have to fast or starve yourself at all. Do you know what level of this cleanse is for you? You can take a quiz to find out.

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I figured at first I would just mix my smoothie with the water. First thing in the morning I can be kind of sluggish and on my way out of the house I just wanted to drink it down and get it over with. I don't usually have smoothies for breakfast but for some reason this one was okay.

I mixed it up in a personal smoothie maker that I have and it worked fine. It was a little greedy for my taste but thought perhaps if I had mixed it with juice and some fresh fruit it would have tasted even better. After trying them all and making it through a day I did feel more energetic and lighter. My favorite flavor was the "joyful" which is a strawberry, raspberry, pineapple blend.

Kaeng Raeng is a delicious, convenient and pretty affordable cleanse option what I liked about it the most is that it wasn't a fast. I didn't have to starve myself or be hungry and tired the entire day. Kaeng Raeng lets me eat all the raw fruits and veggies that I wanted. This in itself forced me to eat healthier and was an added effect of the program. I almost had forgotten how much I love raw fruits and vegetables.

I liked having the option to customize the smoothie anyway I like. I was able to add the product to really any smoothie recipe I liked, or just mix it with water and drink it down. I would say that it has a light, mild taste and was surprised that with fewer than 20 g of fruit bay sugar in a serving it was much more healthy than some of the other classic smoothies on the market.

In addition to having a vegan product, which I know is big for a lot of our readers, they source their ingredients from local California farmers and make it right in California. That means they choose farmers with the most sustainable farming practices and lower their carbon footprint. They aren't just a company pushing a product, they are a company that cares about their sustainability.

Another neat thing about Kaeng Raeng is they are completely animal free, and a portion of every sale goes to animal protection organizations. Even if you aren't a vegan or vegetarian, certainly you can appreciate that a portion of their sales go to charity.

Don't just trust my word on it, try it for yourself for free. We are giving away 3 day beginner Kaeng Raeng detox program to a reader. Just comment why you want to try this vegan cleanse. For an optional entry "like" Kaeng Raeng on Facebook.

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