Getting Started Potty Training 101. Just Kidding! Send Help!

“Getting Started Potty Training 101. Just Kidding! Send Help!”

The signs of readiness are here – the hiding to pee, the waking up from a nap dry, the interest in the potty. We are getting pretty close now. One of the first real milestones that I feel is super important for toddlers but also takes a bit of work is potty training. With my first daughter, it was easy, but I am quickly learning that every child is different so it’s a little more challenging with my second little girl.

The fact that she already beats to her own drum and is very independent makes me pretty happy. I can already see the wonderful, strong and independent woman she will grow up to be one day. However, just this one time, I would love it if she slowed down for a second and let mom help.

Potty training is an incredibly important milestone for toddlers, and it’s also an opportunity for parents to work together with their children. We know from experience that kids don’t want to do anything that isn’t fun, so thankfully Pull-Ups Training Pants can help with that.

“I peepee’d!” she joyously exclaims and removes her own Pull-Ups and places it in the trash, then bringing me a fresh one. See, I told you that we were getting close! The part that we don’t quite have yet is taking the Pull-Ups off to go in the potty before going pee-pee.

Other times I can tell that she has made a stink in her Pull-Ups, and when I ask her she runs to the corner of the room, folds her arms and shouts “no.”

Believe me, anyone within a few feet can tell she is fibbing.

That said, we are making leaps and bounds, believe it or not, the other day we actually made it to the potty in time! Thanks to training pants like Pull-Ups, we are able to use this effective method of potty training where she feels like a big girl and can get that much closer to using the potty herself.

I’ve always thought Pull-Ups were cool because they bridge the gap from baby to Big Kid by teaching potty training skills.

That’s why when my little girl started showing signs that she was ready, we decided to ditch the diapers and went on a shopping trip specifically for some Pull-Ups to symbolize that we really were getting started. Moms – I know you have stock piled diapers that you don’t want to waste, but you don’t have to! Find a local diaper bank and donate them instead. Your little one becoming a Big Kid? Win. Donating to families in need in the process? Win win!

Pull-Ups are much more than just a training pant with cool characters on them though. Pull-Ups.com offers guidance on how to tailor the potty training journey to your little one’s unique personality. I know potty training can sound intimidating, especially if it’s your first time or if you’ve got an independent little one like me, but they’ve got ways to make the journey fun with ways to keep kids engaged throughout the journey.

We really loved decorating our Pull-Ups sticker chart and we add a small sticker every time she goes on the potty. She gets so excited to show off her progress with our friends and family.

She also knows immediately once she’s gone potty, what to do! We wave bye bye as we handle what we need to handle and get back to our day.

Also, check out the Let’s Get Ready to Potty Contest at parents.com/itstimetopotty. Share how you got your kids (and yourself!) excited to start. The best part? You could win $1,000 and be featured in an upcoming issue of Parents Magazine. AND three runners-up will win a 1-month supply of Pull-Ups.

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