Go Paperless! Here are 5 Good Reasons Why You Should

“Go Paperless! Here are 5 Good Reasons Why You Should”

You must go paperless, 5 reasons to get started today!

If you have not converted your life to a paperless one I am worried about you. I am afraid you may drown in paper. Obviously, you’re not actually going to drown in a bunch of paper, but mentally and emotionally may sink in a sea of bills, important documents, receipts, fliers, handouts, tax information, shot records, kids artwork, magazines, sports schedules, etc… Do I need to go on? This is only the actual paper in your life. That doesn’t even cover the information you already have digitally scattered across computers and smartphones.

A majority of you probably receive your bills digitally (paperless). How nice is that? Wouldn’t it be great to apply that across your whole life? In 2008 I went paperless and it changed my life.

Make your paper digital. You can use a program like Evernote. When paper is digital it can “live” in more than just your computer. Your documents can be available to you no matter where you are.

Here are 5 things you will gain by taking your life paperless:


You can be a hoarder if you must. But please be a DIGITAL HOARDER. When someone walks in your home, office, kitchen, etc… your hoarding is a well hidden secret. All those piles of paper, magazines, and clutter will be living in their new digital mansion.


Most of us crave organization. If you are anything like me you flip through your container store catalog dreaming of the day your home would actually look that put together. While I don’t have the Martha Stewart solution to storing 50 spice containers, I do know that by putting the paper, and anything else digital, in one digital location you will automatically feel so much more organized!


Once your life information and clutter is digital it is always accessible. What does that mean and why should you care? Now you can retrieve this data anytime from any computer or smartphone. Let me give you a couple examples. You go to sign up your son John for Little League. Of course they want his shot record and up-to-date physical. In the past this is something that could easily be forgotten at home. But not to worry, now you can pull this information up right on your phone and email it to the league right then. After that you head to Lowes to return some blinds that just didn’t work in your house. Instead of digging around your purse for the receipt you simply pull it up on your phone and the customer service rep puts in the receipt code. After that, you pull up a couple photos you took of some blinds you saw in a magazine and ask if they have anything like these.


We obviously can’t put more hours in the day, but we can be more efficient with the time we have. Believe it or not, going paperless with your life will give you more time. It is the small bits of time saved here and there that add up to big chunks. Let’s say you go to register a new car. You show up with all the paperwork that you think you need, wait in line, and get to the counter just to find out that now you have to have both your birth certificate and your spouses as well! Instead of having to drive all the way home, only to come back and wait in line again, just pull them up on your smartphone. Problem solved and time saved. Let me give you another example. You are painting a room in your house and need to swing into the store to pick up another gallon of paint. Now normally you would have to run home to get the information off the can, but you took a snapshot of the paint information with your phone and already have it with you. Lastly, you can go paperless if you file your income taxes online – a great way to have everything all in the same place.


The last big benefit of becoming a paperless convert is the ability to easily share digital information. You have access to all of your information at your finger tips, so its simple to email to someone.  Or use Evernote share an entire notebook. Planning a vacation with your extended family? Put the information in a notebook and share it. Have a new baby-sitter coming to the house? Put all the important information a baby-sitter needs to know and email it to her on the spot. This example could be a real life saver in an emergency.

Going paperless is a breath of fresh air. There is a little bit of start-up time, but once you get started it is easy to keep up with and will change your life. If you are sold on paperless, but not sure how to get from where you are now to this magical end-state, consider my book “Evernote for Moms“.  “Evernote for Moms” is a simple, quick read that will take you from start to finish of getting up and running with a paperless life.

Today’s Guest Post is written by Lauren! Lauren Rothlisberger is a self-proclaimed geek. With a media arts and design degree, she has worked as a web designer/developer, a social media guide, Apple computer trainer, and, most relevant her ebook, “Evernote for Moms”, a productivity consultant. She is an Army wife who grew up in the D.C. area, but now bounces around the country with her husband and three young girls. Check out her site at www.getmegeeky.com and follow her on twitter @getmegeeky and FB.



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