Groupon Inspires Family Bike Rides

“Groupon Inspires Family Bike Rides”

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Summer of Groupon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes I wonder if there is ever in and do the awesome things you can get with Groupon. I was able to get a very nice fixed gear bicycle that looks just as hip as it is functional. Being a huge fan of the two wheeled, pedal powered way to scoot around town I know a thing or two when it comes to bikes. I've seen bicycles that cost as much as a car, and quite frankly most of the time I can't figure out why.

The thing that initially intrigued me about fixed bicycles was there simplicity. I like that not only where there are not a lot of parts that could break, but that they are just as fashionable and cool looking as they are functional. Until they started getting popular with snooty Starbucks baristas, and art film house types, they were the cheapest way to get a bicycle running that could speed you around town and also allow you to endure a lengthier ride. Since then fixed gear bicycles have blown up to have risen greatly in price. When I saw this bike on Groupon, initially I was a little apprehensive. Given what I know about bicycles, I still thought it was a little too good to be true. I was happy to see it in the Summer Shop!

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I went ahead and placed the order for the bike and was extremely pleased upon receiving it so quickly. I had the entire bike together in a matter of 10 minutes and it was ready to ride. I was impressed to find a lot of the components were similar to the pricier bike I already was riding. After spending some good time on the bicycle it is every bit as nice as other bikes of it's style. It's an absolutely beautiful bike that rides like a dream, with pretty good quality components. I generally take 15 to 20 mile bike rides at a time and certainly would trust as my daily driver for a while.



The bike was everything I could have imagined and inspired my family to get to riding! That is exactly what we needed for a summer of fun! I was amazed at the quality. I am excited to do more bike riding with my family.

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Groupon just opened a special Summer Shop, full of hot deals designed to make this your best summer ever! They are running a 7-week-long Summer promotion that started on 6/30 in which it will feature deals that will encourage and inspire people to get out and make the most of their Summer. The online Summer Shop features 10 different categories of Summer deals, with an emphasis on a different category each week.

Here are some more of the amazing deals that Groupon offers in the Summer Shop!

A) Epic Adventures: Extreme Leisure such as Skydiving, Race Car Driving, Bungee Jumping, Motorcycle Rentals, Paragliding, Speed Boats, Paintball, Laser Tag, Off-Roading

B) Beach Bodies: Tanning, Blowouts, Mani/Pedi, Fat Reduction Deals

C) Family Fun: Bounce House Rentals, Amusement Parks, Zoo, Aquarium, Go-Karting, Play Gyms, Family-Friendly Events

D) Fresh Eats: Foodie Deals including restaurants like Lobster, Seafood, BBQ, Sushi, Burgers, Al Fresco, Locations on the Water, Wine

E) Cool Down: Movie Theaters, Water Parks, Boat Rentals, Indoor Activities (Bowling), Cooling Sports Towels, Slip n' Slides

F) Shindigs: Butchers, BBQ Cooking Lessons, Mixology Classes, Party Boat Rentals, Catering Packages.

G) Pampering: Anti-Aging, Facials, Massages, Yoga, Body Scrubs

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H) Activities under $25: Bike Rentals, Boat Rides, Movie Tickets, Museum Tickets, Wine Tasting, Batting Cages, Arcades, Street Festivals, Bowling, Roller Skating, Stand-Up Paddle Board Rental, Mini Golf

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