Healthy Lunch Ideas: Brown Baggin' It

“Healthy Lunch Ideas: Brown Baggin’ It”

You know, not only is packing a meatless lunch quick, tasty and easy, it also can really contribute to your health. I have said time and time again that most of the MorningStar Farms products taste considerably better than the meats they imitate. Healthier, and better tasting, I’ve been known to pack some of my most favorite meals into a brown bag when I’m out for the day.
Sometimes me and my friends will meet up for a picnic at the park, and while we chat and watch the kids play, it is interesting to see what the other ladies bring. Most times, if it isn’t something leftover from the night before, its a bag from a local fast food restaurant. Me, on the other hand, I pull out a fun and healthy lunch courtesy of MorningStar Farms.

One of my most favorites, when it comes to a quick and healthy lunch would be the Morningstar Farms® Veggie Corn Dogs. These corn dogs are absolutely delicious. With a sweet and crispy cornmeal breading, they actually contain 75% less fat than a regular corn-dog. Did I mention that they taste twice as good!? They are also pretty low fat, so I can get away with two of them. I pack some pita chips usually, and some fresh fruit and carrot sticks and have a pretty good lunch, that I feel good about eating and feel good after eating.

I also really enjoy packing up a few of their MorningStar Farms® Parmesan Garlic Veggie Wings for days that I feel like something a little different. No matter what the flavor, I always bring along a little honey-mustard for dipping. These wings have a scrumptious parmesan-garlic flavor and when put in the oven they come out a crispy, boneless, wing with a zesty, herbed breading. The best of all is that these wings contain 61% less fat that regular chicken wings. They are easy to pack into my brown bag, and hard not to eat them all in one sitting!

Another one of my favorites is the veggie burger! MorningStar Farms® Veggie Burgers
Black Bean, Chickpea, Mushroom Lover’s and more… with such a huge lineup of meatless burgers, you’re sure to find a favorite. Or a few.

The Chickpea burger is SO GOOD with a whole wheat bun, cucumber and greek yogurt sauce.

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