How Being Outdoors Can Inspire You

“How Being Outdoors Can Inspire You”

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Since I found out I’m pregnant, I’ve made it a point to slow down a little bit more in my daily life. I try to focus, relax and just spend more time outdoors. I’ve discovered that being outside and in nature, hiking, walking, exploring, forces you to relax, take a deep breath and just enjoy your surroundings. This wasn’t always easy but I’ve noticed lately that it’s becoming easier as days go by.

In our house, we’ve started spending more time outside, whether it’s after dinner, before chores, or just…. when we have some free time. Because of that, my daughter has taken up rock collecting and my husband loves to do manly stuff like climb trees and jump over things. I like to explore, walk in the grass, look at birds and breathe.

Here are some things I’ve found to be must-haves when you are going to spend sometime outside:

Proper Clothes – I love wearing leggings, an oversized shirt and some sneakers. I’ve noticed that when I’m wearing proper shoes, I can walk farther and enjoy things a little bit more.

Water – Don’t forget a water bottle. For me, I always have a few in the car and I’ll throw one in my bag. Water is important, especially if you’re going to be outside with littles.

Snacks – If you are going to be outside for a while, grab some snacks! Our favorites are nuts, berries, seeds and fruit leather. Yum!

Personal Hygiene – Aside from the obvious, I like grabbing a few Stayfree Ultra Thin liners. They are a major must-have especially when you’re going to be hiking or being outside.

Turn off your cellphone! Make it a point to use your phone LESS when you are outside exploring. Enjoy nature and relax. Spend time with those around you.

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