How To Deal With Seasonal Allergies

“How To Deal With Seasonal Allergies”

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Seasonal allergies are the absolute worst. When it comes to the transitional period between winter and springtime, my sniffles and sneezes are always going haywire.

It seems that the older I get the worse my allergies become, and I have had plenty of time to research what does and does not work for me. One of the best supplements I have been able to take is butterbur leaf extract. When it comes to a natural solution to defend against pollen and congestion, this unique and odd sounding plant came to the top of the natural remedy list. Though this plant was previously only available in Europe, it has been clinically proven to quickly work against pollen and congestion to breathe better through this allergy season.

It might seem like a good multivitamin is the obvious choice when it comes to keeping your immune system at its peak, but Vitamin C is another great vitamin that can help with the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Taking that multivitamin can really help keep your body and immune system working at peak ability.

One of the most underrated supplements I can think of is Astragalus. This strange sounding Chinese herb has long been counted on for its immune boosting properties. There has been some evidence that it works great during cold and flu season to keep symptoms at bay and to lessen the intensity if you do happen to get sick. Many times my seasonal allergies can turn into a respiratory or sinus infection if I am not keeping my body in check.

Lastly, and though not a vitamin or supplement, water. Making sure you are hydrated will help you feel your best. When you have sniffles and sneezes, the mucus can be thick and uncomfortable, and making sure you are hydrated will send that out a little.

Seasonal allergies can make the transition from winter to spring into torture. However there are many great vitamins and supplements you can take and I am here for you to find out what works best for you. I started my journey on finding natural supplements when I noted that many over-the-counter remedies made me feel jittery and unpleasant. Thanks to this research of natural remedies I am able to feel my best without any negative side effects.

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