Introducing FertaMax

“Introducing FertaMax”

My husband and I have been trying for another baby for years and it has not been without its challenges. On the flip side, we also haven’t done anything to take it a step further, no treatments, no IVF, we aren’t really at that point.

We would love another child and a sibling for our daughter. She constantly asks when she will have a brother or sister. Before we consider treatments and going through other steps to help us along our way, I wanted to share my experience over time and try something different first.

That “different” is working with FertaMax. For the next 3-4 months, we will be sharing our experience and working alongside FertaMax to try their natural supplements. Allow me to talk a little bit more about FertaMax so you can understand just how exciting this can be.

FertaMax are natural supplements available for Mom, but, Dad can get in on having a healthy body for the pending baby! The differences between genders are obvious, so there can be no such thing as a fertility multivitamin that is ideal for both men and women. FertaMax takes what is unique in men and women and customized a formula built around the gender differences by modifying the amounts of vitamins and minerals and adding specific ingredients tailored to each gender. FertaMax for Women supports specific women’s issues such as ovulation and fertility while FertaMax for Men targets sperm count and motility.

FertaMax for Women is the only formula in the market that takes a holistic approach to women’s health, particularly when it comes to fertility and conception. This comprehensive formulation targets issues that any hopeful mother-to-be needs to consider: creating a healthier environment in her womb, increasing fertility, better hormonal function, and ensuring healthy fetal and reproductive tissue development. The antioxidants in the formulation protect both the intended mother and the egg from harmful carcinogens that come from dietary and environmental exposure. Plus, Mom can continue to take the FertaMax supplements during the pregnancy and once the new bundle of joy arrives!

FertaMax for Men incorporates specific efforts to develop and sustain a healthy foundation for the intended father. The blend of vitamins, minerals and co-factors all have key roles to play in providing general health benefits and focuses specifically on men’s role in conception: it provides support for healthy sperm formation, enhanced sperm count and increased sperm motility. Furthermore, FertaMax for Men can play a vital role in hormonal balance by increasing testosterone levels, which in turn enhance the male body’s ability to produce more sperm. With its careful and specific combination, FertaMax for Men distinguishes itself from the competition by providing an approach that benefits overall health, enough so that FertaMax is a good dietary option regardless of whether they want to be a parent now or later.

For the next 3-4 months, I will be taking FertaMax and documenting my journey with you. How do I feel? How are things going? Have I noticed anything different? Why do I think these will help? Etc, etc. Hopefully, my series of blog posts will inspire others to share their journeys as well. Will you join me?

I have been monetarily compensated by FertaMax to share my fertility journey with you.


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