Join us for the #TeavanaTime Twitter Party on May 1st at 1pm EST!

“Join us for the #TeavanaTime Twitter Party on May 1st at 1pm EST!”

Teavana is the perfect gifting destination for Mother’s Day. Join our twitter party and let’s talk about how you can enliven Mother’s Day with #TeavanaTime. The prizes are INSANELY AWESOME and I think it will be a lot of fun!

Twitter Party Details:

Date: May 1st
Time: 1pm EST
Hashtag: #TeavanaTime
Host: @ModernDayMoms
Guests: @Teavana and @CelebrateAtHome


10 winners

The prizes:
Brunch Gatherings (2 winners)
Tea: Monkey Picked Oolong
Tea tin
Sakura Petals Tea Set

Lunch with Friends (2 winners)
Tea: Gyokuro Imperial
2 Tea tins
PTM & Amandine Pitcher
Tea: Black Dragon Pearls
Modern Iced Teamaker

Afternoon Tea Party (2 winners)
Tea: Pineapple Blooming White
Tea tin
Pagoda Teapot

Evening Soiree (2 winners)
Tea: Jasmine Silver Needle
Tea Tin
Dragonfly Cast Iron Teapot

Anytime Tea Time (2 winners)
Tea: Scarlet Jasmine
Tea Tin
Perfectea Maker

Help us spread the tea culture to tea lovers everywhere but joining in on Friday at 1pm EST!

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