“Mom, Can I have a “big kid” room, please?" The importance of nurturing relationships (giveaway)

““Mom, Can I have a “big kid” room, please?” The importance of nurturing relationships (giveaway)”

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As much as I hate to admit it, my oldest daughter is just growing right before my eyes. She is so independent and outspoken, she knows exactly what she wants. She is also sensitive and loves when we focus our attention on her and only her. She loves to cuddle and is a very thoughtful and sweet girl. As Kathy Davis says, it is important to nurture the relationships in your life by offering comfort and making heartfelt connections.

After having a new baby, I felt it was important to show my oldest daughter love and nurture the relationship we have as she makes an adjustment from being an only child into being and older sister with more responsibilities.

The other day, she asked me if she could have a “big kid room” but not “a big kid room that has pinks and stuff in it,” she really wanted a room that looked like it belonged to a teenager. She wanted a room that she loved. It was adorable listening to her explain just what it means to have a “big kid room” and how she wanted a place to relax, watch tv and draw.

She had some requirements, of course, but the most important one was… no pink. No frilly. She wanted black and white, and some random colors thrown in.

Okay, big girl. Let’s do this!

I loved her excitement as I was able to focus on her. You see, I just had another baby and my oldest often felt like she wasn’t getting as much attention as she used to. Fair enough, understandable for sure. I loved that I was able to take some time to show her I love her and help her create a space that she loves in her bedroom.


For the bedding, I chose Solitude by Kathy Davis. I knew this bedding would be perfect for my daughter as it was black, white, and had no pink.


I loved the idea behind the Kathy Davis bedding as well. The Kathy Davis brand has evolved from the belief that everyone has the right to “Create a Life They Love.” In pursuit of that philosophy, they have become valued for the connections they encourage with their expressive painting and heartfelt, hand-lettered messages. From greeting cards to gifts, and from home to fashion, Kathy Davis products are sold in over 60,000 doors nationwide.

By focusing  my attention on my daughter and helping her create a warm, relaxing environment in her new big kid bedroom, I was able to allow her to see that she can have a comfortable place to spend her quiet time and show her I loved her by helping her transform her space. She was very excited. She immediately jumped up into the bed and asked if she could go to bed early to watch tv, all wrapped up in her new blankets.

This was the before:


This is the after:



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