Kids Helping In The Kitchen

“Kids Helping In The Kitchen”

One of the most important things in helping your child grow is including them in your daily activities. By doing this not only do they learn what in important part they play in your life, but they also learn skills that help them become more and more independent. I will ask my daughter from time to time if she would like to help make dinner. Usually she says no, that she would rather watch TV. After a little prodding however, she begrudgingly makes her way into the kitchen and begins to help with the tasks. After a little while she is having such a great time helping out, and being such a big part of the process. She loves getting out all the utensils and putting them around the table, setting our places. She enjoys mixing items together for the recipe and is just starting to learn how to measure out each ingredient. Though most of the cooking on the hot stove is reserved for mom and dad, we still huddle around the food as it’s being cooked and together we stir the dinner around the pot.

Just recently, she learned how to tell when a pancake needs to be flipped and flipped it herself. Now instead of practically begging her to be in the kitchen, I can’t get her to leave it. Occasionally she interjects with her own unique ideas of what we should have for dinner. Usually peanut butter and jelly, or macaroni and cheese become the popular topic with her. I have a little more refined of a pallet and together we have created some culinary masterpieces that she can’t believe she helped make.

The food comes and goes but the memories are priceless. Standing close around our GE Appliances, laughing and working together to feed the family, that’s the real prize. Sometimes I give in and let her cook the macaroni and cheese for everyone. No it isn’t one of my favorites, the look of accomplishment on her face is worth eating it at least once a week. Just as I look back helping out in the kitchen when I was a kid, I know that she too will look back and think fondly on the memories we have made in our kitchen.

GE Appliances just launched “Our American Kitchen” campaign. Stories of very diverse families. To kickstart the campaign, they focused on the Richards Family. Here’s what they had to say about that:

“Doris Richards responded to our survey about her multi-cultural family. Her and her husband adopted five children, two from Sierra Leone and three from Vietnam. The two girls from Sierra Leone are particularly fascinating because they were six-years-old when the Richards’ adopted them. When they brought them home to small-town Colorado everything was foreign to them. For example, they had never seen ice before. It’s a fascinating story about the joys and challenges that are typical American couple faces when raising children from so many different backgrounds.

Here is what she wrote:

We adopted 5 kids from Vietnam to Africa between 1999 & 2002. There are twin boys from Vietnam & a single girl from Vietnam, plus twin girls from Sierra Leone West Africa. We took the whole family on a Medical Missions trip in 2011. My kids wanted to know if the Vietnamese Spring Rolls we make are as good as the ones made in Vietnam. I got a thumbs up. For Christmas every year, we make Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls for our dinner now. We needed a big refrigerator because all the kids are Teenagers now & they can go through a lot of food. Thanks, GE”

You can actually view the webisode here.

I don’t know what we are going to have for dinner tonight, but I do know that it is going to be another evening where my daughter takes center stage in the cooking. Thanks to my GE appliances, I don’t have to worry about anything except for making memories that last. Well, also I might have to worry about talking her out of macaroni and cheese for the third night in a row.

Watch the Richards Family story here!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of GE Appliances. The opinions and text are all mine.


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