Lately Lily

“Lately Lily”

Kids are going global! So, pack your Big Yellow Suitcase and join Lily for a summer vacation!

Lately Lily is a collaboration between Author / Illustrator Micah Player and Apparel Designer Erin Nichols.

LATELY LILY documents fabulous destinations around the world through the eyes of a little traveling girl named Lily. She is the thoughtful, inquisitive daughter of community-minded parents who value education and encourage creativity. Younger (2 – 3 yrs) customers are drawn to the bright character graphics, simple stories and whimsical international scenes. In addition, older (4 – 6 yrs) customers enjoy Lily’s story-like “journal entries” that accompany each tee.

Here are some cool features of Lately Lily:
– hand drawn, story-driven tees
– international locations in a simple graphic style
– custom, tailored fits
– soft hand feel
– unique illustrated hangtags

Thoughtfully made in Southern California. Each Lately, Lily tee begins with a daydream and a sketchbook, upstairs in our office overlooking California’s Pacific Coast. When the art for the line is ready, their tees are entirely produced by local vendors within a few miles from that same office.

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