Laundry Gets Better With Tide Pods + NEW Gain Flings

“Laundry Gets Better With Tide Pods + NEW Gain Flings”

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Laundry isn’t really something I am excited about. The thought of never-ending piles of clothes that need to be folded and put away doesn’t excite me much. Even worse when you put off doing the laundry for a week or so and you have so much to wash, dry and fold that you just don’t even want to begin.

Hey, I’ve been there. More times than I can count.

Thankfully, there is something that is making laundry a little easier. A little magic ball of goodness that goes a really, really long way. I’m talking about the NEW Gain Flings and Tide Pods. Now, I’m sure you have heard about and seen Tide Pods but Gain has come out with Gain Flings which has an amazing aroma and leaves your clothes smelling fresh.

Speaking of little things going a long way… when it comes to laundry, I’ve noticed a little trick that makes it easier to handle. If you do smaller loads throughout the week, it’s easier to manage and you won’t be left with huge mountains of laundry. I am really working on this but pick certain weeks to do clothes, for example, maybe wash your child’s clothes on a wednesday and they can be done and put away before you even think about starting on those towels. It’s a thought!


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