Preserve Your Old Memories with Legacybox

“Preserve Your Old Memories with Legacybox”

My husband’s grandfather has been known to bring out the projector and slides at any family gathering. His office, piled high with papers and photographs, leaves little to the imagination. He cherishes his memories and aside from his wonderful storytelling capabilities, he also likes to share his collection of photographs with his family.

Recently, I had been talking with him about getting his old film and slides digitally preserved so that he can access the files on his computer. I knew he had many photographs he wanted to share with other family members but he didn’t really know how to go about it. That is when we discovered Legacybox.

Legacybox allows people to have the ability to preserve any format of outdated memories, from VHS tapes to Super 8 film, digitally so you can relive them, again and again.

The process is pretty simple. Legacybox will send you a kit that you fill it with any formats in your collection, then send it back pre-paid. The Legacybox kit includes a guide, round-trip shipping, crush proof box, and personal concierge so you can talk to an expert any time.












Once you’ve shipped your box back to them, you can utilize the online order tracking which ensures your memories stay safe throughout the whole process. You won’t have to wait long, in just a few weeks you’ll receive your originals back along with DVDs and digital files ready to share and enjoy.

My husband’s grandfather couldn’t wait to open the box and see what was inside. While he was worried he wouldn’t know how to access his new digitized files, I quickly assured him that it was simple.

And it was.

Once he opened the box, he found all the items he had shipped to them. It’s reassuring because not everyone likes to let go of precious memories, even for a week or so, so this was a big deal for him to see all the items in front of him. They were in perfect condition.


Along with the items he had sent to Legacybox, he also saw his digital files. They was a DVD, a cd with his digital photographs and a flash drive that he can plug into his computer.




He was very impressed with Legacybox and how quickly he received his precious memories. Now, he has a way to digitally share old photographs with us. Not to mention, all of his old slides are now on a DVD so we can watch it over and over again.


Interested in giving Legacybox a try for yourself? The first 25 people to use the code MODERN at checkout will receive 40% off their Legacybox!


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