Let’s Celebrate Part 1: Handmade Birthday Party Invitations

“Let’s Celebrate Part 1: Handmade Birthday Party Invitations”

Hey Everyone, I’m Megan, a regular guest blogger on Modern Day Moms. Over the next few weeks, I’ll give you the how-to for some of the party decorations that I’ve made over the years. Banners, invites, piñatas, garland and the whole how-to for throwing a polka dot themed double birthday celebration!

Will feature a post every Saturday for the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

I must admit, I’m pretty cheap when it comes to party decorations. I LOVE decorations, but there’s just something about buying it all, using it for a few hours and then throwing it away that just bugs me. I’d rather spend the time making unique, quality decorations for my kids parties. AND make stuff that can be used year after year. It might take more time and energy, but if it lasts longer and saves me a buck, then its right up my alley.

So lets start from the beginning-the birthday invitation. The thing that has to be done first to get the party started!

When my daughter was born four years ago, I racked my brain as to something I could do each and every year for her birthday. A banner I could hang, some kind of tie in for each years invitations, etc. I decided to make a giant sized number that she could help me decorate, photograph her with it and use it for her birthday invitation. It was a success and each year we have continued to do it. She loves making them with me, we have a picture of her with every number from every year to frame later on and she enjoys hanging the numbers on her wall for the entire year (more free handmade wall art!)

Here’s The How To:

Find yourself a big piece of cardboard. Trace your number on it by hand or use your computer to enlarge a number and print it. Cut the number out using scissors or a utility knife(make sure you use a self healing mat). Paint the number using any paint you have around (I’ve been known to use the leftovers gallons of house paint I have!) Then embellish the number to match your chosen party theme.

For my daughters first and second birthdays, I helped her hold the brush and we painted the numbers with the colors she picked out

For her third, she wanted a flower theme so I used a flower punch to punch a bunch of flowers from scrapbook paper and then her and I glued them on to cover the entire area.

This year, we celebrated both my children’s birthdays at the same time and I did polka dots. So I used a circle punch and cut tons of circles out and then the kids and I glued away.

I use the numbers in many ways too. As I said before it makes up their birthday invitation. I snap several pictures of them with the number, pick out the best one and send it the printer to make copies. Then I go to the local craft store and buy a 50 pack of plain 5 x 7 envelopes and cards in white. (I get mine at JoAnn for $10 and I use a 40% off coupon) On the outside of the card, we glue the picture, then on the inside I have my kids decorate one side with stamps, a painting, a drawing, etc and on the other side I print up the party details. All handmade, cheap and not too time consuming.

I also use the number as party display. I hang it on the wall for party day. Then I find all the ‘out takes’ from the birthday invitation photo shoot and have those pictures printed. I always get comments on all the funny pictures that are on the wall; people love seeing the non-perfect pictures sometimes too! It shows off all the character and personality of your kidsJ

Then when the party is all over the number goes to the kids room and it a piece of art for an entire year.

Stay tuned for more birthday ideas to come! Happy Birthday banners, polka dot garland, bean bag party favors and more!

Today’s post is brought to us by Megan. She lives in Northern California with her husband and their two little ones; Audrey and Owen. Up until a year ago, she was a pre-school teacher and has a degree in Early Childhood Education. Now a (lucky) full-time mom, she enjoys spending her days teaching the kids through play, cooking, yoga and creating. In her very spare time she is an artist and has her own line of little girls skirts.

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