Low Glycemic Food Ideas To Serve for The Holidays #Fifty50Foods4Diabetes

“Low Glycemic Food Ideas To Serve for The Holidays #Fifty50Foods4Diabetes”

My brother has always been the life of the party. With an undeniably positive personality, it’s always a treat when I get to see him and enjoy his sly and intelligent sense of humor and wit.

My brother is one of those rare people who seemed to have it all figured out at an early age. Avoiding any type of turmoil, he immersed himself in his music and his education.  As a well-versed guitar player, he also landed himself a job right out of college, pretty much sealing the deal on his American dream.

Although he is younger than me, I have always admired his steadfast dedication to his goals, and his ability to rise above and make informed decisions about his life, while remaining relatively neutral in family disputes.

I remember getting a text from my mother one day that absolutely made my heart sink. She told me that my brother was in the hospital and was extremely ill. A series of tests found that he had undiagnosed diabetes, which had now become a life-threatening crisis. Never had I felt quite so hopeless, and I knew that my trusty home remedies wouldn’t help much in this case.

Fortunately, he was under the care of some fantastic doctors who managed to get his condition stabilized pretty quickly, but he will have to be on medication for the remainder of his life.  This truly was my first experience with anyone close to me being diagnosed with diabetes and since then, my brother has educated me quite a bit about what it means to be diabetic, and the steps you need to take to manage this disease.

When we would get together for the holidays, I could easily be seen quizzing him on what he could eat and what he couldn’t, and why. Much of what I thought I knew about healthy eating was turned upside down by the requirements of a diabetic.  In fact, I learned that when it comes to managing diabetes, not all food is created equal.

I also learned about Fifty50 Foods, a top brand that offers an entire line of low glycemic foods for people with diabetes. My brother doesn’t have to miss out on the fun of indulging in treats, because Fifty50 Foods offers a variety of products from candies and chocolates to peanut butter and syrup. Fifty50 is specially formulated to help those that have diabetes,  as well as people who follow a Low Glycemic diet, and those who are looking for low and no added sugar food options.





It’s great knowing that my brother can enjoy foods like  oatmeal, fruit bread, and even crusts for his favorite treat: my mother’s infamous chocolate pie, without any threat to his health.

Not only are Fifty50 products great options for my brother and others with diabetes,  Fifty50 Foods actively seeks to find a cure for diabetes by donating 50 percent  of all its profits to diabetes research.  Since 1991, the company has contributed over $13.6 million to find a cure, so when you purchase their products, you are supporting research on this dangerous disease.

For someone like me who  didn’t know much about diabetes and now wants to help a family   That’s not all: Fifty50 Foods are delicious.

For more information about Fifty50 Foods, following a Low Glycemic diet and recipes visit, Fifty50 Foods, or follow Fifty50 Foods on Twitter and Facebook.

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