Make Good Choices For Your Family Without Sacrificing Deliciousness

“Make Good Choices For Your Family Without Sacrificing Deliciousness”

This post is sponsored by fairlife ultra-filtered milk.

The one thing I’ve struggled with since having my baby is getting back to a healthy routine. You know, eating better, taking time for myself, exercising. I struggle with all these things and when you throw a new baby into the mix, it can be quite hard to take time, to eat healthy and feel good.

Not only that, but making delicious meals for your family, getting them to eat healthier and choosing better options is not easy. IT IS NOT EASY.

My child would prefer to eat macaroni with cheese for every meal, and if she could get away with replacing water with milk, she’d be a happy girl. It doesn’t always work that way that. You’re the bad guy, the one who says no, the one who tries to get your children to just eat better… or MOSTLY better.

I get you. You’re trying to eat healthy and make better choices for you and your family, and you are bombarded with all these “healthy” alternatives to foods you already eat – but are they really all that better for you? You try to get a milk that will not only be delicious, but will offer you all the vitamins and minerals that you need to start your day. You see all these various milks and “milk-like alternatives” that don’t come from dairy at all. Sources like nuts, soy, and grains make it even more confusing when it comes to trying to add protein and calcium to your breakfast cereals. Some of these alternatives offer nothing in the area of flavor, high sugar content, and, except in the case of soy, most have very low protein levels. There is really is no better choice nutritionally when it comes to milk than fairlife ultra-filtered milk.

So when you make that macaroni and cheese but want to give it a little “boost”, you can rest assured knowing that the milk you use has 13g of protein per serving, 370mg calcium and is lower in sugar. 

Yes, you read that right. fairlife’s ultra-filtered whole milk can boast a whopping 13 g of protein per serving, 370 mg of calcium with only 6 g of sugar, and it’s free of lactose, which is the ingredient that gives people with milk allergies a problem. Other offerings like soy milk only offer around 6 grams of protein per serving, with 8 grams of sugar. Almond milk is even lower down the list, with around 1 g of protein per serving with a whopping 16 grams of sugar. The proof is right on the ingredient label.

New scientific evidence even confirms what much of the fitness crowd already knew, that saturated fats are more protective than they are harmful. This is why when my family chooses milk, we always choose whole milk for its positive health benefits. Protein is one of the building blocks of muscle, and helps you feel fuller for longer, and calcium helps to build strong bones, so it’s really a no-brainer that our family drinks milk after a long day.

If I told you that you could take an already almost perfect drink like milk and make it better, would you believe me? Don’t think too hard on the answer to that question because I will let you in on a secret. fairlife ultra-filtered milk offers you real milk, only better.

They have a unique process of taking family-farmed milk and serving it to you with more protein, more calcium, and half the sugar of ordinary milk, making them light-years beyond the competition. Their commitment to making the finest milk will make your body and min

d feel good together. Knowing that their milk is of the finest quality with more protein, calcium, and less sugar is right up there in importance with their commitment to family-owned farms.

These farms make animal welfare a priority and produce milk that is better for you while maintaining a commitment to the environment.

fairlife’s farm families promise the highest quality milk, environmentally sustainable farming practices, and superior animal care. fairlife is ultra-filtered for more natural protein and calcium compared to regular milk. Learn more at fairlife.com


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