Managing Back-To-School Season

“Managing Back-To-School Season”


Back to school, wow. I cant believe we made it through the first day without a hitch. It’s hard enough to juggle my daily work schedule, gym time and enough left over for a cup of coffee, but toss in my kid’s schedule and I’m surprised I’m not lost!

Ill admit it, I’d be completely left in the dust without my phone though, and that’s what makes tying it all together possible. Everything is at my fingertips and I can only suggest it to you as well, for staying up to date and involved in your daily routine.

From my morning alarms, to notes of what days I need to do what, I’d be a mess without it. I can’t say how many times my phones reminders have saved me from forgetting to send P.E. clothes or to pack a lunch on certain days. Field trips, after school activities, and play dates are all at my fingertips, and able to stay on my mind.

If my phone didn’t have a planner, calendar, a note taking app and an alarm, I’d still be in bed and I wouldn’t know what day it is. I’m not kidding.

I’m surprised to see a lot of people still lugging around a day planner as well as a phone that is so out of touch with the times. As if a phone was ONLY for making phone calls? If you want to make a step forward, for your sanity, help is on the way. Take advantage of the limited time Buy One Get One promotion for the HTC one.

Getting one phone free is a big help in every way, if you have teens that you need to stay in touch with after school, or a significant other that also could use a step out of the dark, you’ll be covered with everything you need and more to make hectic scheduling a little simpler.


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