Mom the Super-Hero?

“Mom the Super-Hero?”

I guess moms are superheros of sorts! We may not wear capes, we may not have catchy names. We may not even have super-powers. Wait….that last one is debatable.

If you’re a mom you probably have the ability to cook diner while making sure your kid is playing in the other room without getting hurt (mostly). Basically, you can see through walls.

Moms have the ability to carry multiple kids, a diaper bag, a purse, a sippy cup and coffee, all while fishing around your bags for your car keys, and not drop a thing.

Moms have the ability to sooth and comfort your child, like no one else can.

Moms make boo-boo’s all better with a simple kiss.

Moms can go 48 hours with no sleep, and still function.

Moms can fit three days worth of chores into one 24 hour time period.

Basically, what I’m getting at here is moms are amazing. Day to-day, I don’t feel like a hero. Not even close. But I always thought my own mom was. When I was pregnant, I thought “how am I going to do all the things my mom did?” She did so much at once it seemed like! My favorite shirt was always clean, dinner was always freshly cooked and ready, we always had fun, and she always made sure of it! Now that I am a mom, I find my self making sure to do the same things. I still struggle, but when I get it right, I do feel exactly like a superhero! I guess it’s all about finding your groove.

So, to all the moms out there. You may not be out saving the world every day, with the strength of an ox and the ability to fly or climb up walls. But to someone, to your little ones, I bet you are a hero. Every single day.

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