More Fruit for Breakfast with Toaster Strudel

“More Fruit for Breakfast with Toaster Strudel”

The mornings go by pretty quick in our house. It seems like we just wake up, eat a quick breakfast and head on to the next thing the day has planned for us. One thing I would love to do is eat a better breakfast, have a little more time to breathe and enjoy the morning.

My daughter has her routine down to a science. She wakes up, gets dressed, eats breakfast and if she has time, she plays on her iPod or watches a little cartoons before school. We are on week two of school and it seems that it’s getting harder for her to get out of bed. We are still figuring out routines and bedtimes and trying to find out what works best.

I am going to make it my goal to have more breakfast items around the house. While sometimes all my daughter wants is a glass of milk, I try to have enough options for her. Those options include Toaster Strudel.

To celebrate the exciting news that Toaster Strudel now has even MORE delicious fruit in every warm, gooey pastry, it teamed up with the popular Fruit Ninja app to host the first-ever “in real life” Fruit Ninja spectacle.
At this one-of-a-kind event, fans watched as world-renowned swordsman Isao Machii sliced apples, berries and watermelons tossed his way.

Check out the event video here:

The fun isn’t over! You can still find Toaster Strudel while playing Fruit Ninja. Complete a Fruit Ninja in-app mission and you could be awarded with incentives brought to you by Toaster Strudel.


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