Motivate: Live The Good Life

“Motivate: Live The Good Life”

This post brought to you by Allstate. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you live the good life? No, we aren't just talking about the Allstate Good Life. We are talking about the life you are proud of… the one that you can wake up in the morning and smile about.
It felt like a split second decision.  The dream that my wife and I have had for years could easily become a reality. Since we had first met she shared her vision for living close to the beach.    
At that time, we were about 600 miles from it.  All we needed now was to say "yes" to our dream.  It didn't take much deliberation between us, we had a vision that was perfect and we wanted to make it a reality.  I put in a two weeks notice at my work and started packing my bags for Florida. It was scary to be starting over again, after years of living in a rural mountain community, but we had a thirst for more and we decided to follow out hearts.
What made it even tougher is we had a newly born child.  Our decisions would affect her as well and it could definitely make a move tougher.
The first few weeks were stressful after we settled in to our beach community.  My job wasn't what it was promised to be and it was close to impossible to track down any of the people that I used to know years ago in the area for a cup of coffee.  
As time went on, things not only became easier, but became more perfect than I ever expected.  Opportunities started offering themselves to me and doors that felt closed started to swing wide open, and it hasn't stopped since.  It gets better and better!
There were times in the beginning where we still had the option to tuck our tails and go back "home" but if we didn't tough it out, I wouldn't be living the great life I have now.  
Now we spend evenings with some of our many friends, have picnics at the beach and watch the sunset, and have the freedoms that only a perfect job could provide.  
I'm glad we followed our gut to begin with and took the unexpected move, and although it was tough at first; it brought us to the amazing place we are today.
The entire experience has taught me to mellow out and go with the flow that only a Floridian beach community could provide.  Not only do things get better, but sometimes things get great.
Allstate’s “Good Hands for the Good Life” is new and different for an insurance company.  It has a voice of optimism and celebration vs. fear.  The Allstate brand commercial tells the story of how there are risks everywhere, but we as people don’t let it hold us back from making our lives good. Allstate is an insurance company who works everyday to help build more good in the lives of their customers. 

Share your own good life story below! Let us know a little bit more about you. 

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