Mr. Clean Makes Cleaning Easy

“Mr. Clean Makes Cleaning Easy”

Do you have crafty kids? and by crafty I mean, do they like to color on things that they shouldn’t? If that’s the case, let me introduce you to a new friend, Mr. Clean.

There are 3 Mr. Clean products that I love and consider my “go-to” when a mess is made. Whether it’s marker, pencil, pen, dirt or crayons, the magic eraser will “erase” it leaving you steer clear of an emotional breakdown.

There are 3 “Magic Eraser” products that I consider must-haves because I don’t know how I can do without them.

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Dawn // $2.99

The toughest greasy kitchen messes have met their match. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber with the Great Fighting Power of Dawn offers the tough scrubbing power of the Magic Eraser and the great-fighting power of Dawn to clean messy surfaces commonly found in the kitchen.

2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power // $2.69

Mr Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power is 50% more powerful than the original Magic Eraser, making it more durable than before.

3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bathroom Scrubber // $3.69

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bathroom Scrubber with Febreze fresh scent is the latest cleaning innovation from Mr. Clean and provides superb cleaning with a pleasant scent. It removes soap scum and grim better than the leading bathroom spray. Trust me on this.

These products can now be found in the grocery store, drug store and mass merchandisers.


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